The Luxury Suite



The Deluxe Suite



The Yellow Room



The Pink Room



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The Sundowner



The Terrace Garden

Chapslee offers five elegantly appointed suites with the Luxury Suite, the Deluxe Suite and the “Red Room” on the first floor, and the “Pink Room” and the “Yellow Room” at ground level. It has three sitting areas that include the Hall, the “Gold room” and the beautifully appointed formal drawing room. Adjoining the drawing room is a cozy library cum card room. The dining room, with a beautiful, “English Oak” table can seat fourteen persons and the exquisitely carved round table in the dining alcove, another six. Adjoining is the afternoon tea room, or the conservatory. Chapslee also offers a terraced garden, a tennis court and a lawn for garden parties and playing croquet.

Chapslee is renowned for its cuisine, the hallmark of the royal ‘House of Kapurthala’. Exotic dishes from the palaces of Awadh such as, ‘Aam ka Pulao’, ‘Pulao Murg Naranj Dumpukht’, ‘Avadh ka Korma’, ‘Aloo Bukhara Gosht’, ‘Lahasun ki Kheer’, are some of the more famous creations which have been perfected at Chapslee and form part of its culinary repertoire. Continental cuisine such as Consomme Julienne, Roast Mutton, Fish Meuniere, Crepe Suzettes and Mango Souffle are popular fare. Anglo Indian Cuisine…. now a rarity, also finds pride of place at Chapslee with Daal Soup, Glace Chops, Becti Mauli, Steamed Ginger Pudding and Baked Rice Pudding being some of the treasures that have survived.

Chapslee echoes a lifestyle which is now a thing of the past. ‘The Chapslee Experience’ has been described by many as ‘extravagant and gracious’, as also ‘thoughtful, meticulous and tasteful in every detail’. Chapslee has been acclaimed for its ‘unstinting hospitality’ and ‘uncompromising standards of service’. An ambience of gentility and finesse pervades the air which is personified by the exemplary and courteous conduct of the staff. Bells to call ‘room service’, bed tea served in fine bone china, dinner in an old fashioned dining room with gloved bearers, fire places with log fires to take the chill away, beautifully adorned tray tables with silver tea services for evening tea, whisky, Gin and Tonic served in cut glass decanters and hot water bottles or electric blankets to warm the beds, are some of the many elements which have endeared our guests over the years to the warmth and gracious hospitality at Chapslee.


Chapslee has found pride of place in many a Coffee-Table book and magazine on travel, architecture, interiors and cuisine. Maharajas Palaces, Indian Style, Hill Stations of the Raj, Heritage Hotels of India, Palace Hotels of The Raj, Hill Stations of India, Beautiful Homes, Simla, The Summer Capital of British India are some of the books that feature Chapslee, whereas Vogue, Harper and Queens, Tatler, Inside Outside, Design and Architecture are a few of the magazines that come to mind. Chapslee has also been featured in televisions series of the BBC such as Stones of the Raj, The Kalka Shimla Railway (2009), Rudyard Kippling (2015), and is extensively covered by Anthony Bourdain in the CNN feature titled “Parts Unknown Punjab, India” in 2014. The Brides magazine, a sister magazine of the famous ‘Vogue’, has chosen Chapslee as a wedding destination in India !

The Luxury Suite



The Deluxe Suite



The Yellow Room



The Pink Room






Evening Tea



The Lawn

Chapslee also finds mention in the following travelogues

“The Ochre Border” by Justine Hardy………..her travels in the Tibet Himalayas.

“Over the High Passes” by Christina Noble…… a year in the Himalaya with migratory Gaddi shepherds.

“In Grandmother’s footsteps” by Imogen Lycett Green………tracing Lady Penelope Betjeman’s last journey in the Kullu valley, where she was cremated as per her wishes.

Trip Advisor Awards
The Trip Advisor Awards for “Travellers Choice”, were given for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, as well as “Service Excellence” awards for 2015 and 2016.

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Heritage Hotel Awards
Chapslee was ranked 5th amongst all Heritage Hotels In India, in 2014.

World Luxury Hotel Award
The greatest honour to come its way is for Chapslee to be adjudged the best Heritage Hotel in the continent of Asia.

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