Can You Sneak Someone Into An All-Inclusive Hotel? And What Can Go Wrong?

Can You Sneak Someone Into An All-Inclusive Hotel?

All-inclusive hotels are a wonderful choice for rest. You will not worry about food or entertainment – everything is included in the price of your stay, so you may just relax on the beach or near the swimming pools, have some drinks in bars, talk to people, and enjoy your life. Typically, all-inclusive hotels are placed near seashores so guests have access to wonderful beaches.

But most of these hotels provide great security. Also, they give any client a certain bracelet that the client has to wear at all times. If you don’t have the bracelet on your wrist, you will not be able to use any amenities in the hotel and you will not be able to get into your room because security workers will stop you from that.

So, today we’ll speak about such things:

  1. Can you sneak a person into an all-inclusive hotel?
  2. What are legal and illegal ways to get a person to your hotel?
  3. What can go wrong when you try?
  4. Rules in different countries.

Let’s get started!

Sneaking someone into your hotel

We know two basic kinds of all-inclusive hotels. The first type will offer you to wear a bracelet and not take it off during your stay. The second type will not make you wear bracelets. The second type of hotel is considered to be the luxury type and they don’t want to make their guests wear any kinds of bracelets or other marks.

You may think: Cool, then I should choose the luxury hotels and I can easily sneak a person into my room. But unfortunately, it’s close to impossible.

Luxury hotels have different kinds of protection against so-called trespassing:

  • hotel staff will know guests in the face and will easily see the person sneaking into someone’s room;
  • the hotel may have a high fence and the only way in and out has a security post there;
  • when entering or leaving, you will need to sign in a special journal located at the security desk;
  • these hotels aren’t usually very big, so seeing a person who didn’t pay money is not a hard thing to do.

Security workers are trained to see if anyone tries to sneak some people into their rooms. So we highly recommend you search for a legal way or even give up the idea if you don’t want to bother much.

In our today’s article, we will offer both, legal and illegal ways to try and sneak a person into your all-inclusive hotel. But if you follow these tips, you should know about possible consequences.

Why at all should you sneak someone into your room?

We can think of plenty of situations when you may want to invite someone to your room.

Let’s imagine, you are a young guy who decided to go on solo travel to Mexico. And suddenly you meet a wonderful Mexican woman who you want to show your collection of coins that you always bring with you in your suitcase. You will need to invite the lady to your room.

Also, you may have to invite your friends that you accidentally meet on a beach just to play some table games or watch some film together.

Maybe your friends are relaxing in a neighboring hotel and you want to spend some time with them, so you will want to invite them to your room. Do you have the right to do so? Not in an all-inclusive hotel, but we have some suggestions.

Now you understand that the situation when you want to sneak someone into your room is not that rare. Let’s see how you can do it.

Legal ways – you will need to pay

Legal ways – you will need to pay

One of the first things we recommend in this situation is to go to the reception and ask a receptionist if they allow guest visits.

You will be surprised, but in most all-inclusive hotels you can buy a so-called day pass to spend a day or even a night in the hotel. It’s much cheaper than just booking the hotel for one night.

So the first thing is to ask whether you can invite a person without paying money. Sometimes the hotels are so loyal to their clients that they will allow you to do so. Especially, if you have a twin room but stay alone.

But in most cases, they will offer you a paid day pass for your friend. This may cost like half of a one-day booking, but it may be the only legal way to invite someone.

The hotel receptionist will give you a special bracelet that you will need to give to your friend. Also, they will want your friend’s documents to register him or her.

Why is it so hard to invite someone?

All-inclusive hotels usually have a lot of amenities available at no additional cost on their territory. You can take some ice cream from the open fridges, you can order drinks in a bar without extra charge, and you can use beach equipment for free. So they just can’t allow all people to come and use these facilities, because they will just go bankrupt.

Also, in your room, you can have a minibar, some room service options that are free for guests. So if you have another person there with you, you will likely spend more hotel money for that service than if you are alone. No one wants to lose money, so all-inclusive hotels make some efforts to not allow guests to sneak anyone secretly into their rooms.

Illegal ways to get people to your room

Illegal ways to get people to your room

Here you will need to come up with some creative ideas. Please don’t tell anyone that you found these tips on our website, let it be our secret.

You can try to give your bracelet to a person you want to sneak into the room. For example, throw the bracelet from the window in your room to the street where your friend is waiting for it.

You may try to ask your friend to wear a shirt with long sleeves so that the security workers couldn’t see the place where the bracelet should be.

You may try to invite a person late in the evening when a lot of people are chilling out in the hotel’s lobby. Chances are that security workers will not notice your friend.

You can bribe security workers if you are ready to. In most countries where all-inclusive hotels are popular, you can deal with the situation by spending $10-$20.

These are just examples of what you can do to invite a person to your hotel room. But you should be careful. Different countries will have different rules for hotels, and sometimes you can even go to jail or you can send your friend to jail for trespassing.

What can go wrong?

Anything can go wrong because you basically offend the law and the rules of staying in hotels. All-inclusive hotels clearly state in their rules that their clients shouldn’t invite any guests to the hotel without buying a certain pass for a day or for a night.

If you offend these rules, some hotels will just be nice, but some other companies may call the police or even kick you off from the hotel without a refund.

Here are some possible consequences:

  1. They will just ask your friend to leave – the most appropriate way for you, but it can usually happen in very good resorts.
  2. They will ask you both to leave the hotel. And the worst part – they can legally refuse to give you a refund which can lead to a massive loss of money.
  3. They can call the police and report trespassing which is the worst situation for you and your friend. Police can jail you for some days just to find out the details.
  4. They can fine you a solid amount of money according to the rules of the hotel.

Well, as you see, the consequences may be cruel sometimes. So if you are caught, please don’t blame anyone. We assume that now you know what can happen if you just sneak a person into your room in an all-inclusive hotel.

Our strong recommendation is to choose a legal way and buy a pass even if it seems to be expensive for you.

Final words

Sneaking a person into an all-inclusive hotel is actually forbidden by the hotel rules and even sometimes by law. You should learn some rules and understand what can happen if you are caught. There are still some legal ways to invite a person and you should choose them – like buying a day or a night pass for your friend.

If you choose an illegal way, be careful. Once you are caught, you may be sent to prison or you may be fined for offending the rules of the hotel. None of the options is good, so better stick to the rules, especially if you are in another country and you don’t have access to your lawyer who could help in such situations.