What Is A Deluxe Standard Room? Size, Equipment, And Service You Should Get

What Is A Deluxe Standard Room

Sometimes choosing a room in a hotel is a complete disaster. They have so many names for these rooms, and many hotels will add their own words to those names. Like one hotel may have Standard and Deluxe rooms, while the other one will offer Standard, Standard Plus, Standard Deluxe, Deluxe, Deluxe Plus, Deluxe Super Plus, and many other combinations that are hard to decode.

Today we are going to offer you some ideas on how to distinguish between Deluxe Standard and simple Standard rooms. Although some hotels use the “Deluxe” word to just emphasize their superiority over other hotels, sometimes these rooms are just standard rooms and shouldn’t be called Deluxe.

Let’s find out the following:

  1. What should be the size of the Deluxe Standard room?
  2. What facilities should you have in your room?
  3. What kinds of accommodation are possible in Deluxe Standard?
  4. What are the cheaper and more expensive options to choose from?

Let’s get started!

So, what is actually a Deluxe Standard room?

The base version of this room is actually the cheapest and the most common room in a modern hotel – a Standard room or just STD. But we should point out that Deluxe should have quite a lot of features that separate it from the range of Standard rooms and make it special for clients.

Here’s why you may want to pay more money to stay in a Deluxe Standard room:

  • usually much better design and fresh renovation that you won’t find in Standard rooms;
  • the view from your windows counts, too, no room can be called Deluxe if it opens to a garbage bin;
  • the size is not specified, but it should be a little bigger than that of a Standard room in the same hotel;
  • furniture is usually better or it at least looks better than in a Standard room;
  • sometimes they will offer a bathtub in a Deluxe Standard instead of a simple shower that you find in a Standard room.

As you see, the “Deluxe” word changes a lot in what you get from your stay. You may get a bigger and more spacious room with better decorations and furniture, with a wonderful bath. Sometimes hotels may include additional services free of charge for those who book Deluxe Standard rooms.

But sometimes we see that hotels will call Deluxe Standard just simple Standard rooms. You can check it easily just by a quick investigation.

How to know that hotel has no Deluxe rooms?

How to know that hotel has no Deluxe rooms?

First of all, the “Deluxe Standard” name should make you suspect the hotel is trying to sell you something standard at a bigger price. The thing is that hotels should have Standard and Deluxe types of rooms, but the Deluxe Standard room is some kind of a compromise between them. And here you should actually check if the hotel at all has Standard rooms.

For the sake of getting more clients, the hotel might have called their Standard rooms Deluxe Standard rooms and that’s everything that changed – just the name. You will need to check whether this hotel has some Standard rooms for booking. If it doesn’t, you may be sure that “Deluxe Standard” is just a marketing trick.

Then, if it does have some Standard rooms, look at pictures of them or even visit come of them if possible. You will easily see the difference between Deluxe and Standard. If the difference is hard to see, you are being tricked again.

When is it worth getting a Deluxe Standard room?

In most cases, the price difference between Standard and Deluxe Standard won’t be that big. Usually, it’s up to 20%. So if you are traveling on business and your company pays for the hotel, why not try some luxury and book Deluxe Standard?

But if you pay for the room from your own pocket, is it worth it? It’s hard to answer. If the difference is huge and it makes sense for you, then you should pay a little more to get a better room. But if it’s only about some pieces of furniture and two square meters of space, you may go for the Standard room and be OK.

Here are the things that would make us update to Deluxe Standard:

  • hot bathtub with bigger space in the bathroom and better renovation;
  • a bigger bed that allows to sleep with more comfort;
  • additional furniture that will make your stay more convenient;
  • free services like a free safe box or free breakfast included;
  • better location of Deluxe Standard rooms with a better view.

Again, it all depends on our purpose of staying. If it’s a business trip and you will only sleep in your room, then you don’t care much about all those facilities. If you are on a city tour or something, you will want to get the most luxury and relax during your stay, so updating makes sense.

But the price difference will be the main factor. If your Standard is 30% cheaper than a Deluxe Standard, you should go for a cheaper room. Your update isn’t worth the money.

Will Deluxe Standard rooms always be good?

Will Deluxe Standard rooms always be good?

Sorry to say that, but no. Deluxe Standard is purely a class of room that is better than Standard rooms. So if the hotel we are talking about has very awful Standard rooms, the Deluxe Standard rooms will be just a little less awful.

It means there are basically no standard requirements that every Deluxe Standard room should meet. Every hotel will have the right to call everything bigger than a wardrobe a “Deluxe Standard” room, so be careful when you choose.

The Deluxe rooms in one hotel may differ much from Deluxe rooms in any other hotel. To get the idea of what you are going to get for your money, you should read the reviews. Sometimes hotels just paint the walls of some rooms with fresh paint and say that these rooms are Deluxe Standard because they are freshly renovated. And this is not something you want to pay money for.

What is the better room type after Deluxe Standard?

Well, we should point again that Deluxe Standard and Deluxe rooms can be two absolutely different kinds of rooms. But let’s assume that your hotel doesn’t have pure Deluxe rooms. In this case, the next level of rooms will be Junior Suite and then Suite.

Suites usually have much more space and they are better in terms of equipment. All suits should be freshly renovated and they should include additional couches for chilling out. Suites may have one, two, or three rooms depending on the level of the suite.

In some hotels, Suites are the most popular types of rooms and they are much better than Deluxe or Standard rooms.

But Suites always have a big disadvantage: they are much more expensive to book than any Standard room type. If you want to stay in a Suite, you should book your room 1 month before your arrival. Then you will have a chance to book a room at a lower price.

Why do we never pay for Deluxe Standard rooms?

Although we love traveling and we don’t mind paying some extra money for good services, we hate paying more for Deluxe Standard. In this case, we still book a Standard room but we pay like for a Deluxe room. This makes us crazy, so we never get hooked with that marketing name of the room.

Please understand the difference between Deluxe rooms and Deluxe Standard rooms. Here’s why you shouldn’t agree to this upgrade:

  1. Deluxe Standard rooms are rarely bigger than simple Standard rooms, and that’s why they are pretty unwanted by experienced travelers.
  2. You don’t usually get any additional free services that you don’t get in a Standard room and this isn’t good.
  3. The view from your window is probably the only thing that you may consider great, but paying so much for just a view you will never see is a bad idea.
  4. Deluxe Standard is always a marketing trick – a better upgrade for a Suite if you want better accommodation.
  5. Pay attention to what you get when you book a room rather than what it is called.

We don’t like overpaying for just having walls of our rooms freshly painted. So we opt for Standard rooms or for Suites if we have some money to spare.

Final words

If you want to pay for some better option than a Standard room in your hotel, you should make sure that it makes some sense. Sometimes hotels will call Standard rooms Deluxe Standard and ask for more money for the privilege to stay in them. But quite often they aren’t worth the money.

Before paying more money to your hotel, look at the pictures of Deluxe rooms and decide whether you are ready to pay more for getting what you see in these pictures. Also, if your hotel has only Deluxe Standard rooms and no Standard rooms for booking, you may be sure that you overpay just for the cool name.