Why Do Some Hotel Rooms Have a Connecting Door Between Them?

Door Between hotel rooms

We have all been there. You have just arrived at your hotel after a long trip. You get to your room, and you can sense the hokum in the air. Did the staff really just put you in a connecting room, after you told them you had a lot of work and resting to get done. We both know that in a connecting room, you’re getting neither of the above. So why do hotels subject their guests to this? Why do they think we want to hear what our neighbors think about their aunt Helen? We don’t! 

Enough complaining. Let’s jump into the what, why, and where to find out more. In this article we’re going to look at:

  • The Connecting Hotel Room.
  • What Is The Difference Between a Connecting and an Adjoining Room?
  • Can Connecting Hotel Rooms Be Bad?
  • Booking Rooms On a Cruise Ship.

The Connecting Hotel Room.

Depending upon the hotel, booking a connecting room can be a complete schlep. Some personnel aren’t even sure what the differences are between their rooms, and you are expected to know what type of room you want. Only to get the room you didn’t want. 

What Is A Connecting Hotel Room?

The connecting hotel room, not to be confused with an adjoining hotel room or vice versa, is a room ideal for families and friends. The connecting hotel room is what the name suggests. It connects one room, to the room next to it, by a door.

Families especially choose this room, so that children and parents may have their own rooms, but still be able to move with ease from one room to the next, using the connecting door. Being separate, but still together.

How Do You Book A Connecting Room?

Booking a connecting room can be an annoying little parlor trick. Some hotels say adjoining room, some say connecting room. You never get what you’d expect. So booking any room should be done in a calm, clear, and concise manner. 

  • Firstly – You are going to want to do an online booking.
  • Secondly – When it comes closer to the time of your stay, call the hotel and confirm your room.
  • Thirdly – Feed the receptionist instructions with a spoon. Be clear when double-checking your reservation.

Safety Tips When Booking a Connecting Room.

The world we live in is a sick and twisted little place. Some people are willing to go to extreme lengths to get what they want or to do malicious things. Be it paranoid or not, there are some safety tips you should follow when booking a connecting room.

Tip 1 – If you are a family, make sure that the kids’ main room door gets locked. You don’t want anyone coming in or out in the middle of the night.

Tip 2 – If you are alone, make sure that the connecting door is locked, and stays locked for the remainder of your stay. 

Tip 3 – If you don’t want the people in the connecting room to snoop, place a towel in front of the bottom of the door, and shove some toilet paper in the keyhole.                                                

What Is The Difference Between a Connecting and an Adjoining Room?

What Is The Difference Between a Connecting and an Adjoining Room?

Isn’t it just so annoying how you have a plan, you make sure your plan is planned out perfectly, then, you get where you need to be, and it all goes to the dogs? Well not anymore, look at the differences between these hotel rooms and never make a mistake or get confused again. 

Adjoining and Connecting Rooms.

Adjoining rooms can be considered to be next to or across from each other. A connecting room is next to the room it connects to, and it connects through a door between the two rooms.

Adjacent and Adjoining Rooms.

Adjacent rooms sit across from or near each other. Much like adjacent rooms, adjoining rooms are often next to each other, but with no connecting door or across from each other. Sometimes at the end of the hall.

Suites and Connecting Rooms.

Suites are a bit fancier and often include more than one room, bathroom, a living room area, and most of the time a sofa bed. A connecting room, on the other hand, is clearly divided by a wall and door, there is no living room, and each room has its own bathroom.

Can Connecting Hotel Rooms Be Bad?

Well, aside from hearing everything your neighbor does and fearing that they aren’t serial killers, probably not. But booking a connecting room isn’t and shouldn’t be used by single people. If any of you have watched Schitt’s Creek, you should have a good idea as to why you don’t want a connecting room.


Due to the fact, that there is only a measly door separating you from your neighbors, there might be a slight noise problem. People are sometimes noisy, disrespectful, arrogant, and inconsiderate. Especially if they are on holiday. If you are single and need to get work done, or even if you are on holiday yourself. Chances are some family is going to be put next to you, and you are going to hear everything. 

Hotel Semantics.

Everywhere you go, people use different dogma. Being clear and concise on which room you want, gives you a foot to stand on when you get there, and you didn’t get the room you wanted. Explain in as much detail as you can that you either want or don’t want the door connecting you to the other room.

Unexpected guests.

Imagine, you’re in the bath, candles are burning. The next thing you hear is some random family barging in through the connecting door. If you do end up getting a connecting room, make sure you have locked the connecting door!

Booking Rooms On A Cruise Ship.

Booking Rooms On A Cruise Ship.

Going on a family cruise? Need a connecting room? Most cruise ships allow connecting rooms. Although, there is an upcharge when a room like this is selected.

How Do I Book A Connecting Room On a Cruise Liner?

When you are searching for a room, look for ‘more than one room’, and the ‘include connecting rooms’ option will appear automatically. You can also email the cruise line and ask for confirmation.

Can I Book A Suite On A Cruise Ship?

Yes, you can! Who wouldn’t want to book a suite while on a cruise? Booking a suite can be such a luxury experience as passengers often get special treatment and virtues. You are looking at your own butler, separate restaurants, pools, and amenities.

What Is The Best Room On a Cruise Liner For Families?

For families, we one hundred percent vote for the connecting room. It is convenient, safe for your children, and keeps everyone together. If you have some splurging money, we suggest getting a suite. 

What Is The Best Room On a Cruise Liner For Solo Travelers?

This all depends on how much ‘coin’ you are willing to cough up. If you appreciate your alone time, quiet, and serenity we propose you look into cruise liners that offer solo cabins. This way, you get a whole cabin to yourself. 

Types of Cabins On Cruise Liners.

Interior Cabins – These cabins usually have bunk beds to make more space, as well as very little or basic furniture.

Ocean View – Ocean view cabins include a window that obviously can not open. Depending on which grade you request, the cabin might be bigger or smaller, with more or fewer amenities.

Balcony – Luxury at its finest. Some cruise lines offer a balcony cabin. Where guests can sit outside and marvel at the sunset whilst cruising along the ocean. 

Suite – Suites are ideal if you just want your time for yourself. Usually placed on the best parts of the ship. On some cruise liners, you can expect to have a balcony, a mini-fridge, and most likely a King-sized bed.

We hope this article cleared up some of your questions. Remember, families and connecting rooms are great. Solo travelers and connecting rooms, not so much. Lock your doors, be respectful, and take the people around you into consideration.