Do You Get Hotel Points with Expedia? We Know How to Use Them!

Casual and frequent travelers are sure to be familiar with sites like,, and of course, In advertisements, they are known for the flashy discounts, extra perks, and exclusive benefits that you cannot get anywhere else. Much like hotels, these sites often offer a membership program for frequent flyers and hotel stayers.

So, do you get hotel points with Expedia? What types of points are they? Do these points apply to existing hotel memberships? And how can you use hotel points with Expedia? Read more for our guide on how to use them!

Do you get hotel points with Expedia?

The short answer is yes. You do get hotel points when booking through Expedia. In fact, not only can you get cheaper rates booking through the website. If you are a frequent traveler, you might find yourself eligible for an Expedia Silver Membership after several trips.

But what exactly are these hotel points? Can you apply Expedia hotel points to your membership at other hotels?

Already a member of a hotel?

If you have a browse through the Internet, you will quickly find many stories of travelers being left disappointed after knowing the bookings they made through Expedia are not applicable to their hotel memberships after all.

But we’re here to tell you there’s a way to hack it. All you have to do is keep in mind the hotels that recognize Expedia points as valid and eligible for use at their establishments.

Should I book with Expedia or the hotel?

If you are already a member of a hotel, it can sometimes be difficult to decide whether you should book through sites like Expedia. Because the hotel will always say points can only be earned through direct bookings. Or that their rates are guaranteed member-specific, and at the most exclusive numbers for their loyal customers.

Whilst this is usually the case, there are times when it isn’t. And that is when booking with other travel sites such as Expedia will work out better for you in terms of price. So, how can you be sure which is more economic?

Take your time to do your research. Look through the Expedia website for the rates per night for your period of choice. And compare them with the deals your hotel is offering its members.

Don’t forget to take into account the points you will earn through direct bookings with the hotel. These points can often translate to free nights at the hotel. So, sometimes you can get a better deal from direct bookings.

Can I earn membership points with Expedia?

Some hotels only count direct bookings eligible for turning into membership points. Like those in the Hilton, Hyatt, and IHG chains. Whilst most Marriot hotels accept Expedia bookings as eligible for membership points. Be sure to read the fine print of your hotel memberships before you decide!

Or, you can earn Expedia membership points when you book through the website. Whilst this doesn’t sound as extravagant and exciting as a Hilton membership, the perks you get are not half bad! Read more for our rundown of Expedia membership perks and benefits.

Can I use my membership perks with Expedia?

This depends on the hotel chain you are a member of. With Marriot Bonvoy members, membership perks and benefits are eligible for use with Expedia. Choose Marriot as your hotel chain when searching for hotels on Expedia.

You will be able to see the number of points you can earn for each stay booked through the site. You will also see any special offers available for these hotels on Expedia.

Expedia Rewards Program

Say you’re not a Marriot Bonvoy member. And you want to earn points for the stays you book through Expedia. Then you might want to consider opting into the Expedia Rewards Program. Like other hotel rewards programs, you can get rooms at cheaper rates.

At higher-level memberships, you can get extra perks as well. Here’s a breakdown of what each level of Expedia membership entails.

Expedia Blue Membership

All Expedia memberships are free to join. The lowest level is the Expedia Blue Membership. But even at this level, you can earn double the points for each dollar spent on hotel and cruise bookings, packages, and more!

With Expedia Blue, you get lower prices specific to their members. You will also earn points for each booking. And all bookings will have the Expedia Hotel Price Guarantee.

Expedia Silver Membership

Your Expedia Blue Membership is automatically upgraded to the Expedia Silver Membership. After you spent $5000 on the site. Or after seven nights of booking through Expedia throughout the year.

At this higher level, you get everything the Blue Membership offers, and more. With the Expedia Silver Membership, you get exclusive amenities at hotels. Think of free drinks from the bar. Spa treatments if your hotel has one. And free room upgrades for you to elevate your vacation experience.

You will find you earn 30% more points when booking through the site. As a Silver member, you also get access to a dedicated customer service line for any queries that may arise. You can get all this without having to travel all the time!

Expedia Gold Membership

Expedia Gold is the highest level of membership you can get on the site. With Gold, you get access to all the privileges of Blue and Silver memberships. And of course, more. You will have access to exclusive deals, discounts, and perks on Expedia.

Which are reserved only for Expedia Gold Members. Apart from these special benefits and privileges, you can also waive cancellation fees. This allows you to travel and vacay with a flexible schedule!

As an Expedia Gold member, you automatically get early check-in and late check-out options. No matter what hotel you are staying at, as long as you made your booking with Expedia. You will earn points on every booking at this membership level. And you will find you can earn 30% more than the previous levels! Which you can redeem for free stuff! This includes travel and room upgrades at VIP access hotels.

Needless to say, Expedia memberships aren’t half bad. Even when compared to other hotel memberships. Say you know you will be using Expedia for your future travel and vacation needs. It is definitely worth joining their rewards program.

If you are already a member at another hotel, it wouldn’t hurt to have another helpful membership at hand. It all means extra benefits, perks, and privileges when traveling. All of which can help you vacay in style and optimal relaxation.

Some things to keep in mind

Expedia members should be aware, the points they earned with each booking do expire. But only if your account has had no qualifying activity for 18 months. With the pandemic almost behind us, this is unlikely to be the case! So, no need to worry.

As we’ve mentioned, when booking as a member on Expedia, you get to earn points. With the Expedia Rewards Programme, each dollar spent is about 140 points. But, if you book a VIP access hotel, you can double the value of your points. This means you get to enjoy free perks and privileges sooner!

For any cancellations on bookings made with Expedia points, you can rest easy knowing your points won’t go to waste. If you need to cancel your ticket, your points will return to your account. You will be reimbursed in full, and you can use the points for a future booking!

If you want to change your reservation, that’s no problem as well. But, if there is a difference between the original and new reservations, you will have to cover that difference.


All in all, memberships are a great way for frequent travelers to enjoy the trips they make. Traditionally memberships are only available at hotels. But you can now be a member of different online booking websites. You can expect a variety of perks from these memberships. Especially now with the tourism industry kicking up worldwide again.

Expedia is one of many. We have gone through the perks of each level of its membership here. And the privileges you get are not half bad compared to other hotel memberships! Offering cheaper rates, free stuff, and waived cancellation fees. Expedia membership is a worthy choice for any frequent travelers looking to save up on their trips.

That being said, if you would still like to stick to your hotel memberships, that’s fine too. Some hotels, like the Marriot, have partnered with online booking sites like Expedia. Because they understand the gravitation of travelers toward these websites.

And why turn down an opportunity for profit? With these hotels, you can use your membership points there on websites like Expedia. To be sure that your hotel membership points are eligible for use with Expedia, you can check on the website. Or simply call your hotel up to ask.