Here Are The Types Of Rooms In A 5-Star Hotel. We Explain

When we are booking a hotel room, we always wonder what those funny room type names mean. And we always say: “Ok, next time I will google about the room types and will find out some more information to book the best room that suits my needs. But now I have no time”. The fact that you are on this page says that you’ve finally found some time for this.

The room types are important if you want to get the best service for your money. If you don’t know anything about the types of rooms in a 5-star hotel, you are going to book a standard room always because you just don’t know what you are paying for in any other room types. In our today’s article, we are going to explain the difference between standard rooms and other types of rooms in a 5-star hotel.

Here is what we are going to talk about:

  1. General types of rooms you will find in every 5-star hotel.
  2. Additional room types that can be in some hotels.
  3. Why aren’t standard rooms always a good choice?
  4. Why are alternative room types so expensive?

Let’s get started!

Some general room types and simple explanations

We will not cover each room type with a 1000-word explanation with tiny details and inches of required space. We’ll just tell you what you will get in every general room type in a 5-star hotel all over the world.

By the way, you should be careful when you book a room because many hotels trick their clients with many beautiful words that they put in front of the actual room types. For example, if you book a Super Deluxe Mega Standard Room, you are still booking a standard room and it will be equipped in accordance with the requirements for the standard rooms.

Here are the general room types in a 5-star hotel:

  1. Standard Room. Any hotel consists mainly of standard rooms. They can have different equipment and different decorations depending on the level of your hotel. But usually, up to 80% or sometimes even more rooms in a hotel are standard. They can be single (for one person), twin (for two people with two twin beds), or double (for two people with one double bed).
  2. Deluxe Room. This type of room is slightly better than Standard. It means it should have more space, better beds, better decorations, better view, etc. The quality of Deluxe Rooms in a hotel depends on the quality of Standard Rooms. The main idea of a Deluxe Room is to make more money from a guest who wants a little better service than other guests.
  3. Suite. Nearly any hotel will have some suites to offer. For a 5-star hotel, it’s actually necessary to have suites. Usually, these rooms are more like apartments. They have a couple of separate rooms like the living room and bedroom, for example. They are beautiful and well decorated, they are very comfortable for a family or for a long stay.

That’s all. These three room types are actually necessary for a hotel to be a 5-star hotel. Unfortunately, not all hotels that have 5 stars have suites. In many countries, the rules for getting some stars for hotels are not so strict, so a 5-star hotel in Turkey, for example, may only have standard rooms, but a 5-star hotel in the US will need suites and it will even often offer Presidential Suite.

You may wonder why we’ve named only three room types while some hotels will have ten options when you try to book a room. All other room types are actually marketing strategies. They are all developed from these room types and have their pros and cons. Let’s have a closer look.

What are some alternative room types in a 5-star hotel?

So, you now know that all good hotels should have three types of rooms. But they may offer much more options for their clients. And you may feel uncomfortable when they start asking you which room type you want – this big choice is not always a good idea.

We want to describe some main alternative room types to make the task easier for you. But bear in mind that any hotel names their rooms differently to just make their names sound better.

Here are some alternative room types:

  1. Deluxe Standard Room. Well, this will probably be a standard room with a fresher renovation or better furniture – nothing more than that.
  2. View Room. Unfortunately, many hotels outline View Rooms as a separate type and want some more money for them. These are just standard rooms with a better view than some other rooms.
  3. Family Room. Usually, they offer some rooms connected with doors between each other. These rooms are cool when you travel with your family or friends.
  4. Penthouse. Some hotels make huge rooms in their attics and call these rooms Penthouses. They cost a fortune but they usually offer cool views, terraces, huge space, and wonderful design.
  5. Presidential Suite. If a simple suite is not enough for you, you can use a Presidential Suite which is specially designed to host a top politician or a big business owner. These rooms may take the whole level in a hotel and even have their own elevators. The list of options can be very long.

We can keep on describing some room types because hotels can combine their names to trick you even more. Be careful and never book a room before you see some pictures and read some real reviews.

Unfortunately, not all room types are as beautiful as their names. Especially, in hotels that are located in poor countries and poor areas, the rooms may not be as good as in the most expensive Mariott, for example.

What should you know before choosing a room type?

When you are booking a hotel room, you should be very careful and you should check whether you need the certain set of services that the hotel offers you with a certain room type. You should also check the pictures. But remember that pictures on booking websites are almost never true. Find guest reviews and see real pictures.

Also, check more details about the room you are going to stay in. It can be a key thing to do when you are comparing two different room types or rooms in two different hotels. Maybe, one room is 10 square meters bigger than the other and this will decide for you.

Here are some things you should know about the room types when booking:

  • always check the space you will get – 5-star hotels shouldn’t offer cramped rooms, and the better the type, the more space it should offer;
  • keep an eye on additional services that are included in the price – better room types may offer more exclusive services for free;
  • check the price difference – sometimes, hotels make promos for suites and they may cost only a little more expensive than standard rooms;
  • check the view – it will not be comfortable if the window in your hotel room looks at the wall of the neighboring building;
  • look at renovation – it’s never good to stay in a room that wasn’t renovated for years, so this factor is also very important;
  • check the reviews – hotel guests will always say in their reviews what they liked and didn’t like during their stay, but make sure you are reading fresh reviews.

So, it’s not hard to choose a good room. First of all, you should always check your budget. If it allows you to book a better room than just a standard one, why not give it a try? You’ll be living in better conditions, you’ll have more space for your comfortable stay.

But if your budget doesn’t allow you to book a better room, you should be careful. You can spend much more money than you expect in a hotel. In a suite, for example, you are going to have a much more tempting minibar and you’ll be tempted to buy some more services to improve your comfort. So, always check if your budget allows this.

Final words

Standard rooms are not always the best decision for you. If you have the possibility to book a deluxe room or a suite and not spend a lot of extra money on this, why not? This will be a good experience. But if you are just booking a Super-Duper Deluxe Mega Standard Room, be ready to get a simple standard room that is just called beautifully.

Analyze the customer reviews and remember that the freshest reviews are going to give you a lot of good information that will help you choose the proper room in a 5-star hotel. Never rely on descriptions and pictures on a hotel website. Always find some ratings and check what people say about certain rooms and hotel services.