Hotels That Allow Parties in Rooms – Are There Any?

If you are staying in a hotel and want to organize a party to celebrate something important with your friends, you should be careful. Nearly all hotels in the world will not be glad if you start turning on loud music and shouting in your room. You have to understand one thing: hotels want their guests to be in comfort, so they can’t allow you to party in your room 24/7.

But still, are you allowed to turn on music in a hotel room? Are you allowed to invite some friends during the daytime? Can you shout in your room? These questions are often asked by our readers, so we decided to answer them all in one article. We’ll try to be specific about some hotel rules about partying, shouting, and music.

Here’s what we’ll be talking about:

  1. Which hotels will strictly forbid any parties?
  2. Are there any hotels that allow wild parties in their rooms?
  3. How can you invite people into your room for the whole night?
  4. What problems can you get if you try to organize a party?

Let’s get started!

Partying in a hotel – is it at all possible?

If you are thinking about partying, you shouldn’t book a room in a good hotel that belongs to a well-known chain. The problem is that these hotels are very strict when it comes to their rules. What’s more, they will fine you once you break these rules, and the fines won’t be very small.

But partying in a hotel is actually possible. You should avoid lying to your hotel about the purpose of your stay. And you should discuss every aspect of your future party before you check in. This will help you avoid any problems and arrange your plans with the hotel.

Why hotels don’t allow parties in their rooms?

When you are staying in a hotel, you are actually renting a room for a certain amount of time. And you can think that this room is all yours and you can do whatever you want because you paid for it. But it doesn’t work like that.

Staying in a hotel is only possible when you obey some rules that this hotel has. And one of the rules is that you can’t invite people to stay with you unless you pay for them or include them in the list when making your reservation.

Also, the reasons for the party ban are the following:

  • hotels want all their guests to be in comfort, they don’t want anyone to complain just because you decided to organize a party;
  • all hotels need to obey the rule to keep silent after a certain time, the time frames may differ depending on a state or a country;
  • hotels never want any noise that comes out of your room – all sounds should be kept inside the room and they shouldn’t interfere with other guests;
  • parties usually mean dancing and sometimes even spoiling the furniture or other things in the room, so not many hotels will gladly agree to let you party inside;
  • some hotels may also restrict alcohol and only allow buying and drinking it in the hotel bar.

Will you be able to party silently, without any friends, and without alcohol? Well, if that’s what you call a party, then, yes, you can party in a hotel room. But, in most cases, we understand something different by partying. So, let’s find out if you can party in a hotel room at least in some hotels.

What can you do to organize a party in a hotel room?

So, now you know that most hotels will not allow you to party in your room. Even though you paid for this room, you now know that you will have to follow the rules and even pay fines if you break these rules.

But we know some cases when people successfully had big parties in hotels and they were OK. So, your task is to tell your hotel that you are going to have a party. In this case, they can prepare your room or at least they will tell you that it’s impossible.

Here’s what can happen:

  1. In most cases, hotels will just tell you that it’s impossible. They will not allow you to party in a hotel room and to turn on loud music. And you will not consider this hotel for your stay.
  2. In some cases, a hotel receptionist will tell you that it’s possible, but you will have to stop your party up until some certain time. For example, they may ask you to stop partying at 23:00.
  3. In some cases, the hotel you chose will provide you with a villa or with a room that is specially prepared for partying. In this room, you’ll be able to listen to loud music the whole night.
  4. Some hotels may offer you their small nightclubs to organize a party. They will let you use their equipment, and offer you some services. This is a cool idea because those nightclubs are specially created for partying.

We believe that a separate villa is a cool thing to choose. It will cost you much more than a simple room, but can you imagine a big party in a room that is 25 square meters? You will still need to choose something else.

Never try to use your hotel room for something else but have a rest. If you start partying in your room without saying to your hotel, you may get problems. And sometimes those problems will be very expensive for you.

Partying in an empty hotel – quite possible

We know for sure that many hotels all over the world are empty and they will agree to all your demands just to have you book their rooms. You can find some small hotels that can offer you some rooms. It may be a small family hotel or a guesthouse.

Very often, these hotels will stay empty and their owners will want to earn at least some money. If they get your offer, they will allow you to organize a party and use all the infrastructure of the hotel just to get clients.

What can go wrong if you are partying in a hotel?

Now, let’s turn to the most important thing. We don’t know why, but many people think that hotels will not punish their guests. But hotels have strict rules because they need to offer a comfortable stay for every guest.

It’s one of the most interesting things you should remember if you want to sneak someone into your room, turn on loud music, and dance all night. Bear in mind that you will be caught – no doubt. And then, you will have a couple of options for what hotel staff can do.

Here are some examples:

  1. Most hotels will try to fine you. And you should remember that you usually leave a deposit when checking in. For example, it can be cash, some documents, and also a credit car deposit. You will lose this deposit or will have to pay to get it back.
  2. Hotel staff will call the police if they can’t stop you from listening to music and dancing. Especially, it’s possible if other guests start complaining about your party. You will just need to stop or go to the police.
  3. Big hotels usually have security and these guys will come to you, you may be sure. Once they come, you will have to stop your party. They have a master key and they will enter the room easily. You may be just kicked out of the hotel.
  4. Other problems. If they can’t get you, they may get some of your possessions. For example, hotel staff can arrest your safe at the reception or they may block your car. They will unblock everything once you pay the fine.

In most cases, these guys will just call the police and you will have problems. If some security guys come to you, you will be just kicked out of the hotel. But the police will probably arrest you for a couple of days.

Be careful! If you are in a foreign country, you should be extremely careful with hotel rules. If you are arrested, you can have a bad time and little help. Especially, if you are in some Asian or African countries.

Final words

Being careful and obeying hotel rules are two important factors if you don’t want to have any problems during your stay. The best idea is to just tell the hotel receptionist everything you want to do in your room. If you are going to organize a party, just discuss this with one of the hotel workers.

Even if you spontaneously decide to organize a party, you can tell it to your hotel and they will answer if it’s possible. But if they tell you that it’s completely forbidden, you should probably find another place for your party.