Deluxe Queen Room – Is It Better Than Deluxe Rooms?

Hotel guests are now often puzzled by the names or types of the rooms. When you are about to book a hotel room, the reservation system may offer you plenty of options and you just don’t know what to choose. Should you just go for a cheap standard option or maybe you should pay more and get one of those Queen Deluxe Luxury Premium Suites?

We are always skeptical about all those wonderful names and we actually think that it’s always good to compare rooms and prices and only then decide whether you want to pay that much or not. But very often you just can’t see the rooms before you book them – maybe just pictures that are often misleading. So, today we decided to talk about Deluxe Queen Rooms – what are they?

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Some standard options you should get in a Deluxe Queen Room.
  2. What is the difference between a Deluxe Room and a Deluxe Queen Room?
  3. How much can you pay for the room with a beautiful name?
  4. When is it appropriate to overpay for a Deluxe Queen Room?

Let’s get started!

What is the Deluxe Queen Room?

Actually, you shouldn’t expect the queen-type of service when you book a Deluxe Queen Room. Hotels love using those words like “King”, “Queen”, “Deluxe”, etc. to just take more money from their guests or to build up some superiority over other hotels.

And quite often these beautiful words are just put together to mean the same standard room with a bigger size than a cheap standard. You should understand how it works in hotels for not paying your money for nothing.

Here are the things you should get in a Deluxe Queen Room:

  • it’s still not a suite, so it’s more of a standard room, but it can have more space – up to 50 square meters, let’s say;
  • it will apparently have a living area, but again, this term can stand for a small couch and a shabby TV near this couch, not a separate room or zone;
  • this room will obviously have a better view than standard rooms in the same hotel, so they are very often placed on top levels;
  • the decoration will probably be better than in a standard room – it will be fresh and more luxurious than in cheaper rooms;
  • the service in your room may include more cool things like free breakfast, better equipment than in standard rooms;
  • also, you will almost certainly have a queen-size bed in this room, this is actually why it’s called Deluxe Queen Room.

So, if you expect that a standard room is actually a standard room, but a Deluxe Queen is something from your dreams about queen-like life, you shouldn’t expect too much. These beautiful words will only mean a couple of improvements in comparison with a standard room. Sometimes, you will not even notice them at once when you compare different types of rooms in this hotel.

You should also understand that there are no common standards and requirements for a deluxe room, let alone a deluxe queen, so any hotel may call any room as they want. And eventually, you will pay extra money just for the name and for the fresher wallpapers than in a standard room.

Why do Deluxe Queen Rooms differ in many hotels?

First of all, you should understand that this is not a common type of room. Many hotels will only have standard rooms, deluxe, and suites. But if a hotel wants to earn more money and deceive its guests, it will make up some long beautiful names for the types of rooms.

Now, you may check that one hotel will have a really beautiful Deluxe Queen Room while some other cheaper hotel will have an ugly room of that type that is just bigger than the standard room in that hotel.

This happens mainly because there are no standards that define how this kind of room should look. So, any hotel can name a bigger-than-average room a Deluxe Queen after putting a queen-size bed in it. This will allow them to charge more for this room.

Then, you should also understand that the types of rooms in every hotel are defined in comparison with the standard room not in Hyatt or New York Plaza, but in the same hotel. So, if Hyatt offers a deluxe room, it offers better than a standard room in Hyatt. But if a cheap hotel in the Mumbai suburbs offers a deluxe room, this room will be slightly better than the standard room in that Indian hotel.

Why is paying for a Deluxe Queen Room not wise?

Well, we don’t say that it doesn’t make sense to get a better room in a hotel if you have money for this. But a deluxe room is not always a good idea.

First of all, any deluxe room will cost at least 50% more than a standard room. If we are talking about the Deluxe Queen Room, the price difference will be even bigger – up to 75%.

Also, here are some things you should consider:

  • you will not always get twice better room and service, but you will have to pay almost twice more money;
  • you will still stay in the same hotel and use the same infrastructure as any other guest in this hotel;
  • you will not get a suite-like service and comfort because it’s still not a suite, but just a deluxe room;
  • you will not feel the difference if you stay less than a week in that hotel (which covers 90% of all stays in the world).

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to pay extra or not. But you shouldn’t pay just for a couple of square meters. Feel free to contact one of the hotel staff and ask all the questions about their Deluxe Queen Room and the perks you will get if you book it.

Don’t believe the pictures. Nearly all hotels hire professional photographers who are very experienced in showing only the good sides of the rooms they take pictures in. So, these pictures are deceiving and misleading in almost all cases.

When is it OK to pay for a Deluxe Queen Room?

And still, sometimes it’s a really good idea to pay for a better-than-standard room in a hotel. For example, if a company pays for your stay. You shouldn’t bother much about the name of the room and its type – just make sure that the room is the best you can get for the money.

Also, paying for a bigger room is always advisable when you are staying in the same hotel for more than a week. You will need more space to put your things and just to breathe. So, a standard room may be too tiny for your long stay.

One more option we can think of is when you are traveling with two other people and you want to book a double room with an additional sleeping place for the third person. Nearly all standard rooms offer this, but they are cramped and you will not feel comfortable. In this case, a bigger room is not a bad choice.

But you should always check whether you can get something else for your money or not. For example, you can get a triple room with good sleeping places for three people instead of paying extra for a Deluxe Queen room where only two people will feel comfortable enough.

How do hotels trick you with their Deluxe Queen Rooms?

  1. The cool name. Usually, people want to stay in a Queen room when they have a choice, not in a sulky standard room. But be careful – those are just names, check if you get some extra services for your extra money.
  2. Still cramped rooms. Remember that any deluxe room won’t be as spacious as a suite in the same hotel. So you will still get nothing more than a little improved standard.
  3. The same furniture. You will be shocked to know that the queen-size bed is just a simple double bed, and any queen will not agree to sleep on it. This is just a cool name, again.
  4. The same services. The list of services for a Deluxe Queen Room may be much longer than for a standard room. But read carefully – you basically get the same services and just pay more.

Final words

We are sure that you should only look at standard rooms or at suites if you have more money to spare. Any deluxe room in any hotel will not be as good as a suite. Also, these rooms are the marketing tricks of the hotels. Yes, they are a little bigger than the standard rooms, but you will not get any better services and your stay will be just the same as in a standard room. So, we recommend you check carefully what you get for your money and always make the right decision about the room type.