Holiday Inn: Leisure Room Vs Standard Room – What’s The Difference?

For some of us, hotels hold a special place in our hearts. For some, it’s where our bachelor or bachelorette parties went down! For some, it holds fond memories of family reunions. Today we’re taking a look at the Holiday Inn Franchise.

They have been around since August 1, 1952! About 70 years now. The franchise boasts 1,173 fully functional hotels, and over 214,000 hotel rooms. By the year 1975, there were already 30 established Holiday Inn Hotels!

Here is a layout of what our blog looks like today:

  • History Of The Holiday Inn Franchise.
  • Kinds Of Amenities offered by Holiday Inn.
  • Kinds Of Rooms Offered At Holiday Inn.
  • Leisure Room vs Standard Room – What’s The Difference?

History of the Holiday Inn Franchise

To make an informed decision it is imperative to know more about the subject at hand. Whether you are going on a business trip, a girl’s trip, or a solo holiday. Knowing where you will be staying and what you should expect is important to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Who Founded Holiday Inn and why?

The initial response when asking someone why they think someone would build a Hotel/ Motel would probably be for the money. But, not for Kemmons Wilson. Born in Osceola, Arkansas only child to Kemmons SNR And Ruby “Doll” Wilson. Kemmons felt the need to create a place for families and people all over the U.S. and now ultimately the world to enjoy and hold dear. After a disappointing family Holiday, Wilson made up his mind and set in motion a plan to provide the people with properly maintained rooms, excellent service, and comfortable stays to where ever you might be traveling!

When and Where Was Holiday Inn Founded?

The very first Holiday Inn was founded in August 1952 at 4941 Summer Ave in Memphis. Back then it was on the main Highway, but it got demolished in 1994. Wilson created an alliance with Mr. Wallace E. Johnson to expand his dream and build more hotels. Here’s a fun fact: Mr. Wilson’s architect actually came up with the name Holiday Inn for the franchise after the 1942 musical Holiday Inn. Their Headquarters is currently housed in Atlanta.

Timeline and Expansion of The Holiday Inn Franchise

Only 5 Years after the initial founding day, in 1957, The Holiday Inn Franchise stood 30 Hotels strong. In 1965, the Holidex chain launched and introduced to its visitors a centralized reservation system that allowed any visitor at any Holiday Inn location to obtain a reservation at any time via Teleprinter. In 1967, Holiday Inn added an AT&T call center, using the 800 toll-free Telephone number service. Fast-forward 15 years to 1972, there are now 1,400 Holiday Inn Hotels worldwide! This was also the year that Time magazine featured Wilson on its cover. The Franchise will celebrate its 70th Birthday in August 2022.

Kinds Of Amenities Offered By Holiday Inn

In today’s day and age, people expect comfort over anything else. We want to pay as fast as possible, so we scan a bar code using our banking app, and boom, or we just simply log into our banking app, do a transfer, and you just bought a house. Back in the day, you had to go to the place where you’d want to stay and find out they’re fully booked or shut down! Today, Google tells us if a location is open or permanently closed. Let’s see how Holiday Inn has adapted after almost 70 years in the business.

Holiday Inn for Business Stays

Whether you are traveling to New York or Atlanta, be it for one night or two weeks. Holiday Inn has got your back. Their prices really aren’t too high and if convenience is what you want, look no further. In the rooms, they have a coffee maker/tea maker. You have a spacious workspace, allowing you to finish that proposal or add some finishing touches. There is a phone in the room that you can use for free local calls. Boasting prime locations you can enjoy your off time with amazing views, easy-to-reach shopping centers, museums, parks, and so much more!

Holiday Inn For Personal Stays

As mentioned above,

  • The overall prices are charged fairly.
  • The locations are great, so even if you are a family, the Holiday Inn locations will be suitable for you.
  • They offer free breakfasts for the duration of your stay.
  • In your room, you also have a kitchenette, and depending on how many people you are, there is also a pull-out sofa available.

Are there any downsides?

  • The most notable downside for some might be that some of their locations aren’t pet-friendly. Holiday Inn does allow Service Animals, however.
  • They have a non-smoking policy.
  • Their deposits are non-refundable.

Aside from this, Holiday Inn remains a great choice. It would be advisable though, to look at the location’s Google reviews. You could always use some insight from someone who has been there and had the experience.

What Kinds Of Rooms Are Offered at Holiday Inn and What They Cost

Knowing what kind of room you want to stay in is essential when planning any trip. If you are traveling on business, you want something simple and practical, if you’re staying long term you might want to look at a suite. Your budget also plays an important role. Here are some of the rooms that Holiday Inn Offer.

The 2 Queen Beds Standard.

  • Sleeps four people.
  • Two Queen beds.
  • Free Breakfast
  • Microwave, Fridge, and Coffee maker.
  • Priced at $199 per night.

The King Bed Standard.

  • Sleeps two people.
  • Suitable for one person/ Business professional.
  • Microwave, Fridge, and Coffee maker.
  • One King Bed.
  • Free Breakfast.
  • Priced at $209 per night.

The 2 Queen Suite Additional Living Area.

  • Sleeps six people.
  • Two queen beds.
  • One sofa bed.
  • Suite, additional living area.
  • Spacious bathroom.
  • Microwave, Fridge, and Coffee maker.
  • Free breakfast.

Leisure Room Vs Standard Room – What’s The Difference?

Knowing about the different rooms a hotel offers is a vital part of your overall experience. Are you looking for quality, practicality, convenience, or simplicity? Taking into consideration your needs and expectations you can now look for a suitable room. Here are some of the differences between the Leisure Room and The Standard Room, let’s see what is really the difference between the two rooms.

The Standard Room

  • It’s smaller in comparison to the Leisure room.
  • One queen bed.
  • Non – Smoking.
  • Suitable for two people or a business professional.
  • Has a coffee maker, Wi-Fi, and a work desk.

The Leisure Room

  • The Leisure room is much larger than the Standard room.
  • Perfect for business professionals, or couples looking for a larger space.
  • Housekeeping service.
  • Luxury linens.
  • Some Amenities include a hairdryer, Iron and Ironing board, flat-screen TV, workstations, media hub, and in-room coffee.


We think it all comes down to practicality and preference. What do you need or want? If you are traveling for personal reasons, or with your family, you might want to take into consideration a couple of things.

  • How many people are traveling with you?
  • How much space will you require?
  • How many beds will you need?
  • Would it be better to book two separate rooms?
  • Does the room need to be wheelchair accessible?

Then again, if you are a business professional, you also need to take into consideration the duration of your trip.

  • Is your company paying for your accommodation or are you?
  • Do you have the financial capacity to pay for the duration of your planned trip?
  • Is money an object in your decision, or can you afford a more comfortable room?

Remember to always do your research. Check out the reviews online and call the front desk if you are unsure of anything!