Deluxe Room vs Suite – Is It Worth It To Book A Suite?

Imagine, you are finally on holiday. You have worked hard, and deserve some luxuries for a change. As you are preparing and planning for your vacation, there are many things you need to take into consideration.

Which city do you want to be in? How much money are you willing to spend? Do you want to settle for a motel room, or go all out a book a few nights at a fancy hotel? Do you want a view? Today we’re going to walk you through the differences between the Deluxe room and the Suite.

What Is A Deluxe Room?

Grand, proper, fancy, these are all words used to describe the Deluxe room. But is it really that lux, or is this word used in falseness, enticing travelers to cough up their money?

What Does A Deluxe Room Offer?

The deluxe room is a tad better than standard. Hotels usually offer a view, and some top-class amenities like a bathtub, if you are lucky, a bathtub converted and acting as both a bath and hot tub. Apart from that, you will also notice that deluxe rooms offer more furniture and many times a better mattress. They are bigger than standard rooms and often offer better views of the city.

How Much Do Deluxe Rooms cost?

Deluxe rooms, depending on which hotels you choose can cost you anywhere from $115 to $170 per night (in the US, average price). This price could be worth it, depending on your planned activities. If you aren’t going to be in that room aside from sleeping, it might be a tight squeeze.

How Many People Can Stay In Deluxe Rooms?

Although you are given a choice on which bed you would prefer, there is only one bed in the room. So a maximum of two people can book and use a Deluxe room. At times, hotels can offer a third optional sleeping place on a couch, for example. But you will need to pay extra for that. Again, it might be a tight squeeze if you plan on staying in the hotel all day.

Do Deluxe Rooms Offer Extras?

Depending on the hotel you choose to book a room, the extras might differ a bit. When it comes to basics, the Deluxe room has everything you would need. A private bathroom, bed choice, breakfast at an extra charge. The most prominent feature would be the view if one is actually provided. Some hotels say the room has a view, then you get there and your $170 just bought you the outside wall of the building next to you.

What Is The Difference Between a Standard Room And a Deluxe Room?

Standard rooms have everything in the name. They are standard. Meaning you get what you get, the basics. Deluxe rooms are pretty standard with a few tweaks and differences.

The Standard Room.

The Standard room is perfect for you if you have planned on roaming around and not spending much time in the room. These rooms are quite small and being in any small room for an extended time period, is never a good thing. The Standard room is Cheaper than both the Deluxe Rooms and Suites, the room is often quite small, around 12 square meters, you are provided with a smaller 32-inch TV, and you most likely won’t have a kitchenette.

The Deluxe Room.

The Deluxe room, in some cases, may be a misuse of the word ‘Deluxe’. Rooms are still quite small, with 19m2 worth of space, add the bed, desk, and other furniture, you’re still looking at a pretty confined space, especially if you are planning on staying inside the hotel for a long time.

This room typically comes with bathroom extras, like hairdryers, bathrobes, slippers, and towels. Some hotels also throw a coffee machine or a tea maker into the mix.

What Is The Difference Between A Deluxe Room And A Suite?

Now we get to the real question, this all depends on how long you plan to stay, what your itinerary is, how much money you are willing to spend, and what your definition of comfort is.

The Deluxe Room

As mentioned above, the deluxe room is basically a standard room.

  • Deluxe rooms offer about 19m2 of space, sometimes bigger, but not by much.
  • A possible view, and a slight step up from the standard room.
  • There is usually no kitchen included, meaning you will have to order your food.
  • The deluxe room is perfect if you are only staying a few nights.
  • Breakfasts are available at an extra charge of course.
  • Some hotels often provide wake-up service, making it quite convenient if you need to be somewhere at a specific time.

The Suite

A huge upgrade from both the Standard and Deluxe rooms. A Suite pulls out all the stops in ensuring your stay is thoroughly enjoyed.

  • Rooms are much bigger than the deluxe rooms, some around 58m2, some larger.
  • Costs are a bit higher, and you are looking at around $295 – $361 if you plan on staying in a 4-star hotel in the US (average prices).
  • These rooms offer many amenities such as a private kitchenette, a stovetop, coffee and tea makers, a sofa, a large bed, and most rooms are soundproof too.
  • Suites can hold up to 4 people, so if you are planning a trip with your friends, this is great because you can share the costs.
  • Suites are awesome if you plan on living long term. Some hotels might even give you a discount if you book for more than a month. You aren’t going to want to eat out every night, so the option of preparing your own meal is there.
  • Comfort is the key here, would you rather feel at home, or feel like you want to go home? – A suite offers just that. Comfort.

Is It Worth It To Book A Suite?

If you are planning on staying for a while, even though the rooms are a bit more expensive, suites are definitely the way to go.

Why Is It Worth It?

Comfort, Convenience, and Homey. With all the amenities that are offered with suites, it is easy to be comfortable and relaxed during your stay. Suites offer you the chance to be at home, away from home. Paying extra for more comfort can stretch a long way, especially if you are keen to have some ‘me’ time.

Another advantage is that if you plan on traveling with friends, this room provides enough space for more than one person to stay comfortably.

When isn’t it worth it?

Booking a suite is a silly move when you plan on staying short-term unless you don’t care about spending that much money for only 1 night. Most people make the mistake of booking these luxurious rooms, and they only spend 8 hours in them to sleep. What is the point of that?

Depending on location and the number of stars the hotel is graded, you might want to be careful to not book a Deluxe room, advertised as a Suite. Many hotels in Asia do this unless you stay at a known 5-star hotel.

Final words

Whether you are traveling for work, or personal reasons, booking the right hotel room for you is essential to the quality of your experience, comfort, and convenience. You might want to do some extra research on the surrounding area too. Many times, you will find that the hotel looks great, and is advertised as the ideal stay. Until you get there, and the hotel is in squalor.

It is imperative that you check out the hotel’s star rating, reviews, and overall area. Fair enough, if you don’t like it, you can cancel and go to a different hotel, but literally no one wants to do that.