Executive Suite Room Amenities – What Will You Get Here?

Executive Suite rooms are enigmatic to most people. We all know they’re fancy. And you’re told to expect designer amenities and decor. But exactly what will you get here? How and why do these amenities make the room ‘executive’? And how can you decide whether an upgrade from guest rooms to Executive Suite Rooms is worth it? Keep reading to find out what Executive Suite Room amenities you will get in most hotels.

What is an Executive Suite Room?

This is a type of guest room you can find in the properties of most international chains. These rooms have different names – some call them Presidential Suites, Royal Suites, etc. But they all mean the same thing.

Executive Suite Rooms are usually more spacious than normal guest rooms, ranging from 370 to 540 ft2. They are usually located on the higher floors of the establishment. Depending on the hotel, you might also get complimentary benefits and flexible check-in and out periods.

With all the special features you get from staying in Executive Suite Rooms, expect your bill to be significantly higher than if you had stayed in normal guest rooms. However, you do get your money’s worth most of the time. This raise in fees generally covers the expenses which the hotel requires to provide you with the special benefits you find yourself enjoying in Executive Suite Rooms.

Executive Suite Rooms Amenities

Every hotel differs in the extra features guests can enjoy while staying in their Executive Suite Rooms. Here are some examples of what you can expect to be offered.

Complimentary Services

Staying as a guest in Executive Suite Rooms in most hotels usually entitles you to services offered by the establishment that other guests have to pay for or have no access to.

These may include:

  • Daily complimentary food vouchers to the hotel’s restaurant and café
  • Dry cleaning and laundry services
  • Valet parking
  • Courtesy vehicles for rent
  • Unlimited use of leisure facilities, such as saunas, spas, health clubs, etc.

Sounds pretty decent, right? Well, there’s more!

Room Types

There are varieties of Executive Suite Rooms, and some are fancier than others.

You may find in buzzing cities like New York that Executive Suite Rooms are generally set out like luxurious apartments with living and dining room areas. Some Suites also include a fully furnished kitchen. On the west coast, apartments are sometimes fitted with a private pool and deck for guests to relax in the sun.

For example, Four Seasons New York’s Royal Suite is a spacious and open-plan three-bedroom apartment. You can expect increased privacy whilst staying at this Executive Suite, as all rooms of this type are located on their own private floor. Guests without a specific keycard to these rooms are not permitted to access the floor. With this Suite, you also get to enjoy a private terrace overlooking the buzzing city and Central Park below.

If you’re traveling with family, or in a large group, you can still enjoy the luxuries of staying in Executive Suite Rooms! Hotels may sometimes allow you to book out an entire floor for your group to stay in. This is one of the options available at Four Seasons New York, where families or large groups of guests can occupy the entire private floor during their stay. Of course, these arrangements are subject to the hotel’s availability. Always call ahead to make sure the establishment has enough free rooms, or even ask for the best period to make such a request at the hotel.

1) Bedroom

The sleeping area for most Executive Suite Rooms is identical in their furnishing. So, upon arrival, expect to see these things in your room:

King-sized beds 

From all the research done for this article, most Executive Suite Rooms will come equipped with a king-sized bed. If you’re staying in an apartment-type room, expect to see king beds in all the bedrooms. Some hotels might even have pedestals and posts installed, elevating your vacation to royal status!

Designer décor 

If you’re looking to stay in an Executive Suite Room, expect to see some pretty impressive decoration in your room. Hotels are rarely conservative when it comes to the decorative budget for their Executive Suite Rooms. You might find your room adorned by a famous painting or designer centerpiece during your stay!

Private balcony 

For Executive Suite Rooms located in big cities, you may find that your bedroom comes equipped with a furnished private balcony accessible through the bedroom.


In the closet of your Executive Suite Room, you may find certain luxury items that are not offered to other guests of the hotel. These include designer bathrobes, slippers, extra blankets, and pillows fitted in designer linens.

2) Bathroom

Most Executive Suite Rooms out there will include an ensuite bathroom. But just how fancy can a bathroom get?

First off, expect to have a shower and a bathtub. That’s right – separate showers and baths are a must-have for any Executive Suite Room out there, and you have every right to expect them.

Second – remember those cheap shampoo/ conditioner/ body wash sets you sometimes get in hotels? Expect to see their upgraded version in the bathroom of your Executive Suite Room! Again, a wide range of brands are used by hotels and are all of the highest quality.

Finally, some of us will have experience with forgetting to pack something essential for your stay in a hotel, which often leads to an unsatisfied trip overall. Well, with Executive Suite Rooms, you can expect to find basic and essential toiletries and bathroom amenities on offer. So, even if you’re still paranoid you’ve missed something while packing, you can at least take comfort in knowing whatever you think is essential, the hotel will provide.

3) Living Area

Some Executive Suite Rooms have a living area, whether it is separate from the bedroom or not. You’ll find the furnishings between the two types of living areas are not so different.

Here is a list of basics you can expect to find:

  • Cordless phone
  • Flat-screen TV with satellite channels and movies on demand
  • Comfy sofas
  • Individual digital thermostats
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Hairdryer

Some hotels have also fitted more contemporary technologies into their Executive Suite Rooms. For example, the rooms at the Kimpton Everly Hotel in Hollywood have additional in-room Chromecast devices for guests to stream their own content. The Executive Suite Rooms at Rosewood Sand Hill Menlo Park, on the other hand, include a wireless Bluetooth speaker accessible to guests.

4) Miscellaneous

You can also expect to find other non-room-specific amenities during your stay in an Executive Suite Room. These include:

  • Tea and coffee-making facilities
  • Washer and dryer
  • Mini- or full-size fridge
  • Welcome amenities
  • Business meeting room and/or working spaces

Worth the hype?

The list of Executive Suite Room amenities goes on and on and varies between individual hotels. But one thing is clear: Executive Suite Rooms are luxurious and extravagant. For those of you considering splashing out on staying in one during an upcoming holiday, we say it’s totally worth it!

From extra amenities to spacious living areas that remind you of home, Executive Suite Rooms are a perfect place for you to get away from the repetitiveness and stress of everyday life. Of course, the lists offered in this article are by no means complete and absolute.

We definitely recommend you refer to the establishment you will be staying in to confirm their full list of Executive Suite Room amenities before booking. Hopefully, our lists of Executive Suite Room Amenities – What will you get there? have helped some of you in choosing a place to stay on an upcoming holiday!