Can You Have a Beard Trimmer in Your Hand Luggage in the UK?

With airport security becoming strict, it is necessary to be aware of the items that are acceptable to bring on the airplane. Prior knowledge of items you are allowed to travel with will save you a lot of headaches when traveling in the UK.

There are a lot of restrictions on even grooming items you use for your day-to-day cleanup. However, this is no reason to adopt an unkempt look when traveling for a few days.

This article provides an adequate list of grooming items you can take in your hand luggage when traveling in the UK and the ones you need to be careful about.

Can You Have Beard Trimmer in Your Hand Luggage in the UK?

Just like women who need to look good with their beauty products, men aren’t exempt from certain grooming rituals. A beard trimmer is one necessary tool men use to keep up their appearance.

Beard trimmers are not cheap, and this can make it conflicting whether to bring them along to the airport or not only to get them confiscated. Luckily for those that use an electric beard trimmer, it is not prohibited from being brought on the airplane in your hand luggage.

Electric beard trimmers are acceptable to travel with because they don’t have sharp edges compared to manual razors or straight blades. Hence, they are seen as less threatening and permitted in your hand luggage when traveling in the UK.

You can also carry your rechargeable trimmers in your hand luggage with you. This would be a better idea because not all airplane models have power outlets in the lavatories. So, when you have to quickly shave in the lavatory and do not find any power socket, you can still have your shave with a fully charged rechargeable trimmer and come out clean for that meeting looking neat.

Can You Have Razor Blades in Your Hand Luggage?

Yes, you can have razor blades in your hand luggage in the UK. This is acceptable as long as they are fixed cartridge razor blades like those in disposable razors.

Razor blades that are not fixed to a cartridge may be prohibited. You want to ensure that you have your razor blade in a cartridge. It would be better to stick with what is permitted than take chances with a razor blade that is not in its cartridge.

Exposed blades threaten others on the airplane and can be interpreted as a dangerous weapon even if you don’t see it as one.

Therefore, only razors with full and permanent enclosures can be brought along in your hand luggage when traveling.

Straight razors are gentlemanly. They are reputed to do a better job than rechargeable trimmers. They also offer the benefit of not being dependent on a power supply for uses.

But they are not allowed. You cannot have a straight razor in your luggage in the UK.

There are many reasons for this, but the most obvious justification is that it can threaten the security of other passengers on the plane.

So, it would be best to stick to a rechargeable or electric trimmer.

Can A Pilot and Other Crew Members Take Beard Trimmer Onboard?

Yes, pilots can come onboard with their beard trimmers. But there is a great chance the pilot would not need it during the flight.

Pilots are under strict protocols during flights, especially when leaving the cockpit to use the lavatory. These strict protocols mitigate security risks and concerns while considering the pilots’ needs.

While they are permitted to leave the cockpit when they want to use the lavatory, it is highly unlikely that a pilot would be willing to waste so much time trimming his hair while the plane is in the air. He may quickly relieve himself, but shaving is a less likely reason to leave the cockpit.

Crew members may also have their trimmers on board, but they are not likely to use them while the plane is in the air. They have a job to do on the plane. Most of them will be busy serving drinks and taking care of other tasks that must be done for the comfort of the passengers.

If they have to go to the lavatory, they would most likely tidy up a little or relieve themselves.

However, whether crew members or the pilots, they cannot be onboard with straight razors, razor blades that are not secured in cartridges, and other types of prohibited beard trimming devices. These would have been taken off them since they also go through some security checks before boarding the plane.

What Alternatives to Beard Trimmers Can You Take?

There are many other permitted alternatives you can take onboard in your hand luggage if you do not want to go with a beard trimmer. They include:

   · Disposable Razors

These are one of the few razors you are allowed to bring along in your carry-on bag. Disposable razors are inexpensive temporary-use blades. They come with plastic handles that are attached to razor heads.

This option, however, will give you a clean shave. If you wished to only reduce the length of your beard and not clean it off, disposable razors would be a bad choice for the job.

   · Cartridge Razors

Cartridge razors are another great alternative to beard trimmers. They are an upgraded version of the disposable cartridges. But the difference is that their handles are designed to last a long time. This means you only have to change the razor’s heads when needed.

But like the disposable razors, they will only work better when you want to be clean-shaven. You cannot use them to reduce the length of your beard.

   · Safety Razors

Safety razors are also a great alternative. They are like cartridge razors, but only the blades need to be changed. They are more durable than disposable and cartridge razors.

But like the other two, they only work best for a clean shave. You cannot use them to reduce the length of your beard. Safety razors are not allowed onboard, in most cases, because it’s easy to take one blade out.

The only alternative to a beard trimmer is a rechargeable clipper. But remember that the final decision on whether the item can be brought onboard depends on the check officers at Control.

What Happens if I Am Found with a Prohibited Item Such as a Straight Razor?

All of the travel regulations put in place are for the safety and benefits of travelers. So, it is necessary to check with the airline about some prohibited items, so you don’t mistakenly bring them to the airport.

Sometimes, a particular type of item may not be banned, but other types of that item may be prohibited. In this instance, rechargeable and electric trimmers are not banned, but straight razors are banned because they threaten other passengers’ safety.

However, if you ignorantly brought some of these prohibited items and they are found on you, you will likely have to surrender them to the security officers.

An important thing to note is that all airports have the right to confiscate anything they find in your hand luggage that is considered dangerous. You can be sure that your straight razors or other naked razors not in the cartridge will be confiscated.

If you are confused or in doubt about some of the items you want to travel with, it is best to check with the airline before you fly.

Can I Leave Prohibited Items Such as My Straight Razor Trimmer at the Airport to Collect Back After My Return Flight?

What happens to prohibited items confiscated by airport security depends on the airport because they have unique ways of dealing with them.

Some time ago, these items were discarded. But airports are beginning to benefit from the sale of these items. Some airports sell these items, which means you’ll never be able to get them back.

However, some airports have started an onsite mail service center where travelers who can’t return to have these items can get them back. All you have to do is pay for the service, and you can easily get these items mailed to your home.

Note that even mail services list prohibited items like flammable objects. So, you can say goodbye forever to any prohibited item you can’t travel with and ones that can’t be mailed.

It is best to avoid bringing any banned item to avoid parting away with any of your valuables.

You can also check with the airport to know what type of trimmers will be confiscated on safety grounds to avoid losing your grooming devices.

Final Thoughts

It is important to know the dos and don’ts involved when traveling in an airplane. The list of electronic and electrical devices largely depends on your destination country and the airport you are flying to the UK from.

Different countries have traveling rules and regulations, so check with the airline before packing your stuff. To be safe, it would be better to carry a rechargeable trimmer instead of an electric trimmer because not all airplane models have power outlets in their lavatories.

Ensure that you find out from their inquiry desks or the security officers what items can be confiscated and what items will be mailed back to your address.

If you are caught traveling with banned items in your hand luggage, they will be taken off you. In the worst-case scenario, you can be hugely fined.