Marriott Long-Term Stay Discount – All You Need to Know

There may be certain circumstances in life where you find it necessary to stay at a Marriott hotel long-term. Whether due to natural disasters, loss of housing, or long-term work assignments, there are options available to you if you stay long-term with Marriott.

Marriott hotels offer discounts and benefits available to those who book a room for at least seven days and beyond, whether for a work assignment, as a housing option, or as a temporary shelter during an emergency. Long-term stays can take the form of an extended stay at a regular hotel, or at a special long-term hotel complete with features like a full kitchen and on-site laundry.

Keep reading to learn more about these options, and see what they can offer you as far as amenities and benefits.

What Qualifies as Long-Term?

How long do you have to stay to qualify as a long-term resident? A longer stay at a hotel typically ranges from a week onward. How long can you stay at a hotel? So long as you’re paying your bills and keeping the place tidy, you can generally stay as long as you want to or need to.

Two Kinds of Stays

There are two ways to stay long-term with Marriott. You can either stay long-term in a regular hotel or stay long-term at an extended stay location. The types of amenities offered by both differ, but either option can offer you savings and convenience long-term. Long-term stay packages with traditional Marriott hotels can get you anywhere from 10-20% savings.

Why Would You Want to Stay Long-Term?

Marriott offers discounts for long-term stays, and this can help lower your bills throughout your stay, and reduce costs when compared to renting. As utilities are included in your hotel bill, you can save money depending on what local energy costs may be in your local city.

If you live frugally, reduce expenses as much as possible, and make use of discounts and hacks, living in a hotel can sometimes be cheaper than renting. You also have a comfortable and climate-controlled location with many of the comforts of home.

What Makes Long-Term Stay Hotels Different?

Whereas most short-term stay hotels may have a simple coffee pot and an outlet, long-term stay hotels typically have a full kitchen and a table for dining. This means you can stay in and make your meals, and enjoy a much more home-like experience during your stay.

Mail services, laundry services, and voicemail messages for your room are all options that can help make life easier, and keep you in touch with loved ones and business partners as you settle in and work.

Many long-term hotels also offer spaces within and just outside the hotel to relax, meet people, enjoy a beverage, read, or stroll.

This added comfort makes the atmosphere more enjoyable and relaxing and can help you feel less stressed during your stay, no matter how long that may be. Let’s check out the main long-stay hotel options offered by Marriott, and compare them.

Residence Inn

Residence Inn by Marriott provides several unique and relaxing features to help you really settle in, and enjoy your time. An outdoor fire pit, complimentary wine, and beer tasting, and access to custom running routes are just some of the options available to help you relax, feel connected, or enjoy some time alone.

Spacious sweets give you plenty of room to stretch out, work, focus, or unwind with a book. Studio apartments are available, as are one and two-bedroom options with full kitchens. The longer you stay, the more money you can save per day.

TownePlace Suites

The TownePlace Suites option offers a bit more of a low-key long-term experience, with basic yet effective kitchens, and everything you need to stay homey and comfortable over a long business trip. Basic breakfast is provided, as is free Wi-Fi and some complimentary grilling tools, as well.

The TownePlace experience is comfy, basic, and down-to-earth. You’ll have to hunt a bit to find your nearby entertainment, but that can be a fun and enriching experience of its own.

Marriott Executive Apartments

Marriott Executive Apartments offers a global home-away-from-home in locations such as Mumbai, Beijing, Bangkok, and Dubai. Geared towards the high-end international businessman, the Marriott Executive Apartments are truly beautiful, uniquely, and thoughtfully decorated, with spacious floor plans, full-service gyms, and 24/7 staff and security.

Marriott Executive Apartments is a truly luxurious and comfortable space for spreading out, relaxing, working, and making the space your own. You’ll enjoy comfortable living close to the tech districts of some of the most beautiful and iconic cities in the world, fine dining, and access to cultural and entertainment venues, as well.

Element by Westin

Element by Westin takes a holistic, mind-body approach to long-term stays at their hotels. They welcome dogs up to 40 lbs, and have a bike rental program to help keep you moving, and enjoying the local scenery.

There’s also an emphasis on environmental sustainability here, and the products and services used at Element are meant to be environmentally friendly, sustainable, and good for you, too.

How Much Can You Save?

So how much money can you actually save by staying long-term? But the cost of a long-term hotel can be as much as half the cost of an Air B&B over the same period. Further discounts can also be granted for those staying beyond 30 days, though these may not be reflected in the initial pricing. Breakfasts are also free, as is access to health and fitness services and on-site security, if available.

These savings, combined with frugal living, can help some folks save more money over renting, depending on the prices of rent in their areas. Others simply find this a pleasant and relaxing way to live while away on business, or extended travel.

Tips for Living in a Hotel Long-Term

So, if you’re going to stay at a Marriott hotel long-term, what tips and tricks can help you get the most out of your stay? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you stretch out, and settle in.

  • Bring your kitchen equipment. You’ll get a full stove range, but bringing everything else along is generally going to be up to you. Bring pots and pans, dishes, and any small kitchen appliances (like an electric egg beater) that you think you’ll need.
  • Be ready to do your laundry. The laundry services at extended-stay hotels won’t be coming by daily. You’ll need to make arrangements to wash your sheets, clothes, and towels, though many long-term hotels have these facilities on-site for residents.
  • Explore on your own. Poke around the facilities and see what they offer. Is there a fire pit? A lounge? A café? A park? You’ll likely find a spot that feels like home where you can relax and unwind outside of your room. Make this place your go-to joint for unwinding and decompressing. You’ll likely be happier about it!
  • Get out from time to time. You’ll feel less claustrophobic, and the town will begin to feel more like home. Find cafes, pubs, music venues, street food stands, and unique places that allow you to really enjoy everything the city has to offer. Get to know shopkeepers and the hidden gems around you. Coming back home to your room will feel even better when you’re enjoying life on the outside, as well as relaxing within.
  • Eat in for dinner at least five nights a week. The more meals you cook and eat, the more money you’ll save, and the more you’ll get to know and enjoy your new home. Eating out can be exciting and simple, but it’s expensive, too. It’s ok to spend some money on local sit-down restaurants as a treat, but if you save most of the outside expenses little things like coffee and bagel, your wallet will thank you.
  • Make the place homey. The more comforting and familiar your hotel room is the more comfortable and relaxed you’ll feel in it. Put some personal items here and there, buy some throw pillows, and put some photographs on the desk. Buy some cute kitchen towels and make the place your own in small yet meaningful ways. You’ll enjoy your stay more, and the place will feel even more welcoming.


There are plenty of benefits to staying with Marriott long-term. Whether you’re staying in one of their traditional hotels for a week or more or moving into a Marriott room can be exciting, economical, and even fun.

From basic accommodations to luxury suites, long-term stay hotel rooms by Marriott offer full kitchens, plenty of storage, comfort, and a great rate. Prices vary by location, but guests can save an average of 10-20% over short-term nightly rates, and up to 50% over the cost of alternative accommodations like an Airbnb.

What’s more, utilities are free, laundry sites are close by, and the beauty and charm of a major city are right outside your window. Make yourself at home, settle in, and enjoy the benefits, savings, and comfort of a Marriott long-term hotel stay.