What Happens If You Check out Late from an Airbnb Apartment?

Let’s face it. Hotel check-out times don’t always suit your travel plans.

We have all had some experience with checking out from your hotel. Then having to sit around for a few hours before our flight. This thought has come across our minds during these few hours. If only I could check out late.

Airbnbs have blown up in recent years. They have become one of the top accommodation options amongst travelers. They seem to be more informal and down-to-earth than traditional hotels. So, Can you Check-Out Late from an Airbnb Apartment? How do you request a late check-out? What can you expect from your host?

Read more to learn our tips and advice on What Happens If You Check-Out Late from an Airbnb Apartment.

Reasons for Late Check-Out

What happens when you check out late from an Airbnb apartment depends on the circumstances.


If you have requested to check out late from an apartment, what happens depends on your host.

There are no strict rules against late check-outs on the Airbnb guidelines for hosts. This means you can request a late check-out if you think it will be easier for you. Whether your host accepts your request is entirely up to them. And they are not expected to allow late check-outs either. So, if you want to avoid unnecessary waiting time before your flight, make sure to ask ahead!


Things get a little more complicated when you don’t request a late check-out.

Hosts don’t usually take kindly to guests refusing to leave their property. In fact, there is a page advising hosts on what to do on the Airbnb guidelines.

Punishment for refusing to leave an Airbnb property can be pretty severe. So, remember to ask for a late check-out before staying beyond the check-out period.

What to expect if you have requested a late check-out time

If you have before requested a late check-out, things should go smoothly for you.

You can usually ask for this while booking, checking in, and at least 48 hours before you are due to check out.

What happens if the host accepts your request? Your check-out should proceed like any other check-outs. Only it will happen a little later in the day.

Be sure to be grateful to your hosts for letting you stay a little longer. And make sure the room is easier to clean as you leave. As late check-outs usually affect housekeeping the most. This means less cleaning time for your hosts before the next guests arrive. Try not to burden your hosts and their cleaning teams too much!

What to expect if you have not requested a late check-out time

If it comes to the day of your check-out and you refuse to leave the property at the time stated by the host. Well, things will go pretty bad for you.

This is what Airbnb says. Guests refusing to leave a property on the specified check-out time pay an extra nightly fee. This will be two times the average price of their booking. Plus, other expenses. This is usually what the host might have spent trying to make guests leave the property. But, Airbnb leaves the decision to charge guests this fee to their hosts. You may find that some hosts are more generous than others. And if your late check-out was simply a mistake or accident, you are not likely required to pay this charge.

Hosts have the right to contact Airbnb directly about the issue if guests refuse to leave. The same goes for a lack of communication. If this is the case for you, Airbnb will most likely contact you. Their staff will tell you the same thing your host has been telling you. You have to leave.

If you still refuse to leave, the host has the right to call the police. Whom we assume will remove you from the property with far less pleasant means.

If all communication between guest and host happened on the Airbnb platform. Airbnb will process any transactions and charges. This includes collecting extra charges. Request for payment usually comes one or two weeks after the event. Then guests will have to pay for extra services and the incurred losses. Usually through Airbnb’s Resolution Centre.

Unspecified Check-Out Time

It is unlikely that your host would intentionally withhold this information from you. But if you realize the check-out time was not explicit to you, ask! It might be that your host was wrapped up in too many things and simply forgot to mention this.

Airbnb advises their hosts to inform guests of the specific check-out times. You might also receive check-out cleaning instructions with some apartments and properties.

These instructions will usually be stated in a house manual at the property. Be sure to look for one when you check in. As this will likely be the place you can find all the information you need. This means you can avoid any misunderstanding with your host.

If you don’t want to have to worry about all this during your vacation, look or ask for a house manual when you’re booking. If the host has this as an online document, you can read through it before arriving at the Airbnb apartment. You might be able to plan your last day around check-out and cleaning instructions.

Airbnb also recommends their hosts set reminders for guests. This is usually about check-out appointments and times. And any other instructions for checking out of their properties. So, don’t worry! They will keep you in the loop.

How to avoid punishment

As mentioned, consequences for refusing to leave an Airbnb apartment are pretty severe. It will be a certain awful end to your vacation. So, how can you avoid anything unpleasant from happening? But still, enjoy the perks of a late check-out?

Here are some of our advice and tips on how to work around a late check-out policy.

1. Ask Ahead

As mentioned, consequences are less severe with a heads up. Don’t forget to notify your hosts about late check-out beforehand.

It is true that Airbnb apartments can be more flexible than traditional hotels. They are usually isolated properties. You are often communicating directly with the owner instead of some clerk. So, it is easier for you to explain your situation. And it will be easier for your host to process your request.

2. Have a Valid Reason

When asking for a late check-out time, make sure to have a reasonable excuse.

Remember, hosts are unlikely to work around their schedules for rude guests. So, when you are requesting a late check-out, be considerate to your host.

Sometimes, listening is the key. Try and understand their reasoning about why late check-outs won’t be possible. This may give you an idea of how to suggest alternative solutions. These could work around their schedules and benefit you in the end.

3. Ask to Store Your Luggage at The Property

One of the main reasons for requesting a late check-out is your luggage. You just don’t want to be lugging your bags around for a couple of hours before your flight. And it’s understandable. Who would want to spend the last few hours of their vacation heavy lifting? Not to mention how luggage limits the places you can visit in the meantime!

Well, your host just might have the solution for you. This is like traditional hotel chains and groups. The Airbnb apartment you are staying in might have a space to store your luggage for a few hours. If this is your only reason for requesting a late check-out. Ask your host if they can keep an eye on your bags for a few hours instead!

This is less likely to mess with the cleaning and prepping schedule of the property. And is much less likely to lead to conflict between guests and hosts. Most properties will be considerate enough to agree. So don’t be afraid to ask!

4. Ask for Things to do in the Meantime

Other times, you want to check out late because you’re waiting for your flight. And sitting in your Airbnb apartment will be much better than sitting in an airport.

If that’s the situation you find yourself in, ask your host for some local sites to spend your time instead.

Not only does this reduce the disruption you may cause. But you might also find some local hidden gems that tourist guides will never be able to lead you to! If you are one of those who want to spend the last few hours of your vacation productively, this is your best option.


If you check-out late from an Airbnb Apartment unrequested – things can get complicated.

We hope our tips and advice have been helpful to you in planning your next Airbnb stay. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask your host ahead of time. Or even request a late check-out!

Just make sure communication is clear and everybody is on the same page.