What Clothes to Pack for Florida in November? Our List

Are you planning for a sunny getaway to prolong the summer? Looking for one last destination before the height of winter? Have you got your eyes set on the sunshine state of Florida?

Known for its lovely beaches and weather – even at the start of fall in November! Florida might just be the perfect vacation destination to bring your summer to an end.

But just how warm does Florida get in November? What clothes should you pack for Florida in November? Take a look at our handy list while you’re packing this November!

Popular Vacation Periods

November might sound like a strange month to go on vacation. After all, it’s a rather awkward month, weather-wise. November follows the end of summer and prefaces the start of fall. Its weather can be pretty unpredictable for most places.

But, in the US, there are two vacation periods that are rather popular.

1. Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day in 2022 is on Friday, 11 November. Not only does this mean a nationwide honoring of military veterans in the States. It also means a long weekend for everyone else!

A three-day weekend might not sound like a lot of time. But this might just be what some of us need to cool off and relax from the drama of everyday life.

Planning on traveling in this three-day period? Florida can be a great destination for a short break. Where you can reminisce about all the good times you’ve had in the summer!

2. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is another popular vacation period. In 2022, Thanksgiving is on 24 November. Right at the end of the month, we expect most places in the States will already be quite cold.

Don’t want to scramble off to more tropical vacation destinations? A more economic option is to travel within the States. Florida can be a good option. As the weather there doesn’t reach extremes. It tends to stay steady throughout the year. Count on sunny weather, and beach-appropriate temperatures even at the end of November!

What’s the weather like?

We’ve talked a lot about Florida being a great place to get away from the cold. But what is the weather actually like in November-Florida?


This is according to official weather and climate information websites. We won’t lie to you here, the weather does start to get chilly in Florida in November. But, temperatures averages from 83°F (28°C) to 62°F (16°C). Pretty decent compared to the northern States.

You may ask, how can the weather be so warm in Florida in November? This is because the state is close to the Tropic of Cancer in the southeast. Neighboring the Bahamas and Caribbean. So, whilst Florida weather might not be identical to weather in these places. Expect them to be quite similar.

North vs South

It is also important to take into account where in Florida you’re traveling to. As the weather between the north and south of the State also varies. This might not be the most drastic difference. But it is definitely a difference you can feel.

In the north of Florida, the weather is more likely to be subtropical. Whilst in the south, you are more likely to get proper tropical weather. That’s why destinations like Miami, Key West, and Fort Meyers are more popular. Located in the south of Florida, they get the most sun out of other cities in the state.

Weather Occurrences

You might have heard of weather disasters being common in Florida. But not to worry!

November doesn’t just mark the end of summer for Florida. It is also the official end of Florida’s hurricane season. Expect little rainfall, and clear skies during your visit! This month also marks the beginning of a dry season for the state.

What can you do in this weather?

Hotels and resorts in Florida will tell you many things. Mainly, their pools and beach facilities are rarely deserted even in November.

As the temperature averages between 83°F (28°C) to 62°F (16°C), water temperature also remains rather pleasant. At 73°F on average, a dip in the water sound more than tempting! Expect to be able to do most things you would do on vacation in the summer. Swimming in the sea. Sunbathing on beaches. Chilling in the resort pool. These are all popular activities in Florida right on into November.

Be sure to bring enough sunscreen. As sunny days can get intense. Not only does the state get long hours of sunlight even in November. Weather and climate sources can confirm this. November days in Florida will receive at least 7 hours of high UV level sunlight every day. Sounds like the perfect place to get one final tan in!

What clothes should I wear?

Now that we have explained the general weather trend for Florida in November. It’s time to get into the practical side of things. What clothes should you pack for Florida in November? Keep our list in mind as you get ready for your vacation this November!

1. Swimsuits and Beach Wear

As we’ve mentioned, you can still expect beach weather in November-Florida! So, fish your swimsuits out from the back of your closet. Because you’re gonna need them!

If swimsuits are in question. We also recommend you bring other forms of beach wear with you. Cover-ups. Beach towels. Sun hats. Sunglasses. All the summer essentials can still be of use in your November vacation to Florida.

2. Flipflops/ Light Shoes

The same goes for footwear. If your resort or hotel is near a beach. Or you plan on visiting one. Flip-flops and other similar styles of shoes are a must to pack. Don’t wanna be getting sand in your sneakers now!

You might want to bring another pair of shoes for the (rare) times when you’re not at the beach. Something light, easy, and comfy will be your best choice.

3. Shorts and T-shirts

If it’s warm enough for the beach. It’s warm enough for shorts and t-shirts.

Why stop there? Show off your summer wardrobe if you want to! This is likely to be the last vacation of the year you can do so. Summer dresses. Crop tops. Skirts. The weather won’t get in the way of you rocking the best fit!

4. Light Sweater/ Cardigans

While daytime in November-Florida may be warm enough for the beach. It can be a different story when the sun goes down.

Pack a couple of knitwear essentials. A light sweater will usually do. If you have cardigans, bring them! Anything easy and comfy to wear, and will shield you from coast winds in the evenings is best. If you have a light scarf, bring it! A light scarf will keep you warm from the cold. But won’t overheat you.

5. Appropriate Clothing for the End of Your Trip

Assuming you are traveling to Florida in November for the weather. It’s best to bring a set of clothes suitable for going home.

This depends on the difference in temperatures between home and Florida. If where you live is significantly colder than Florida in November. Be sure to wrap up warm when you leave. You won’t want to catch a cold on the way home and ruin all the fun times and memories you’ve had on vacation!


Florida can be a great vacation destination in November. The weather stays rather stable. With no drastic weather conditions to look out for. What’s more, the days stay sunny for quite a while into fall. So, have your beachwear ready as you’re packing!

We hope our list of What Clothes to Pack for Florida in November has been helpful for your next vacation!

Still, the weather is unpredictable. Even averages might not be the case when you’re traveling this fall. Be sure to check the weather before your vacation this November. And pack accordingly!