What Time Is Early Check-In for Hilton? And Should I Pay For It?

What Time Is Early Check-In for Hilton?

Hilton is one of the prominent hotel chains that grab the customer’s attention just by its name. So, if you have been fond of this hotel chain, it is better to find all the details about it before you decide to book it for your next holiday stay.

It has multiple rooms and suites to fulfill the needs of its customers. Besides, there are extra facilities that the hotel chain offers. Most of these facilities and added luxury come with an extra cost. But you can always look into the cost-benefit analysis to find if you need a particular service or not. Knowing about it in advance can help you make a better decision.  

One of the essential things to understand about the Hilton is the check-in timings and the facilities you can avail of in this context. Yes, you have read it right; you can enjoy an early check-in, so let’s review what the hotel has to offer its customers, especially focusing on:

  • What is the regular check-in time in Hilton?
  • Can you get an early check-in facility at Hilton?
  • Do you have to pay for the early check-in?
  • How can you get the best room during checking in?

What is the regular check-in time in Hilton?

Well, the check-in policy of every hotel might differ. But usually, the checkout time is set at 12 PM, while the check-in is planned at 3 PM. At Hilton, the check-in time of 3 PM is applied.

So, if you have been planning to check in late, you’ll not be availing the entire value of your money. It is because the hotel guests have to pay the fare of the entire day even if they plan to check in late. The hotels usually don’t provide discounts based on this reason unless you are checking in too late and have strong negotiation skills (don’t expect the hotel staff to have any less of these skills).

The difference between the checkout and check-in time is to ensure that every room is cleaned properly before being allocated to the next guest. Such a policy ensures that you don’t have to face any problems during your stay in the hotel. Besides, setting up the standard time also reduces any confusion that the guest might develop regarding the charges, payments, and check-ins.

Is it possible to get early check-ins?

Yes, Hilton provides its guests with the facility of early check-ins. But they are not always guaranteed and depend upon the room availability. If the room is available for the early check-ins, you can definitely do it.

Getting in touch with the hotel staff will be the best way to know if the rooms are available for the early check-ins.

If you are thinking about the odds of getting this facility, then rest assured that Hilton is a big hotel with many rooms. So, you can easily get one to check in early. However, if you have booked in the holiday season, the chances are bleak. So, you can plan your trip accordingly.

How will you know that you can check in early?

How will you know that you can check in early?

You’ll have to ask the administration a couple of days before your arrival. Before this time, it will be pretty hard for them to commit, and they’ll probably avoid it to get into any trouble.

But once you contact them a couple of days before your arrival, they are pretty awaited of the vacant rooms and other details, so they can inform you if a room is available for early check-in.

Do you have to pay for it?

Luckily, Hilton hotels do not charge a lot for early check-in – it may be $35 to $50. You can enjoy a few extra hours of stay at the hotel without paying much extra. Isn’t that a luxury treatment that we all want?

Even if you check in early, you are treated as the normal guest, and you are allowed to enjoy all the facilities at the Hilton hotel. So, nothing should stop you from enjoying this extra stay at the hotel.

If you did not know this facility, now you do and can easily avail of it.

Things to consider when checking in early

With small charge, extra hours of stay in Hilton seems the best bargain. But there are a few things you have to consider when making this choice. Although these factors vary depending upon the hotel, it is better to have these in mind to avoid any complications later. We’ll make sure that we’ll address these factors in terms of policies at Hilton, so you won’t have to search for the Hilton-specific policies again.

Type of room

If you have already made your booking in a hotel but now want an early check-in, you might get one if it is possible. However, you might not get the same room that you have booked in this process. It can simply be because the room you have booked might have guests who have checked out on time. This means the clearing of the room is still left, and it will require time.

If you really need to check in early, you might have to compromise on it. At Hilton, this can be a problem you can face, but there are always some great options. So, you can still give it a try.

Additional charges

There can be several hotels offering you early check-in, but not all hotels offer these services at reasonable prices. You’ll have to decide the value that early check-in provides you to make up your mind.

At Hilton, this facility is available at small charge. So, you can call the front desk and check if it is available and enjoy it.

Luggage issue

Luggage issue

When getting an early check-in, you’ll also get your room ready and prepared for you to get in and put your luggage. Usually, the hotel management can keep your luggage at the front desk even if your room is not ready. So, if you don’t get an opportunity for early check-in, this facility can save a lot of your time and resources.

Hilton hotel can offer you this facility as well. So you must avail it fully even if you don’t get an early check-in into your room.

Hilton has a booking application as well

Hilton has a unique app for booking purposes. You can select the room to lodge in. The app will want to know your expected arrival time so that the hotel management can be ready for you. Besides, you can also opt for the early check-in facility through this application.

Summing up

Hilton is one of the best choices to enjoy a relaxed stay on your holiday trip. You can attain the facility of an early check-in. But this facility in Hilton is subject to availability. If any room is available, the management will surely share the details with you, and you can get the advantage. 

Many other hotels can also offer this facility. But there are multiple factors that you must check before getting the benefit of this offer. A few hotels might charge you a lot, so weigh your benefits before you pay the price of an early check-in.