Does Amtrak Give Voucher for Delays? Our Tips for Train Passengers.

Amtrak Give Voucher

Amtrak is the national Railway services provider in America. Approximately 85,700 passengers use trains daily. The trains operate across 46 states in America and 3 Provinces in Canada.

More than 300 trains are used in daily operations and cover over 500 destinations. Most passengers prefer trains because they are fast and charge fair prices. Other reasons include avoiding heavy traffic on the roads, the need for safety when transporting valuable items, and the general safety of passengers.

Train travel is also pleasurable due to its sound views, and it connects rural areas to the cities.

However, despite Amtrak offering high-quality services, just like any other means of transport, sometimes you might experience delays. The delays can be frustrating, and primarily they will affect your plans. 

If you experience a delay, contact the customer relations department as soon as you have finished your trip and within 28 days since you traveled to relay your complaints. You will receive a partial or full refund in the form of a travel voucher. Other essential tips that can guide you on how to get a refund after delays include:

  • The type of refunds that Amtrak gives for delayed trains.

Understanding the refunds will shield you from frustrations due to high expectations. Knowing how to get refunds is essential.

  • Where will you get the travel vouchers?

After a refund, you need to access the travel vouchers. Knowing how to check your current balances and redeem the vouchers will save you from incurring extra charges for your tickets, yet you can pay via vouchers.

  • Tips to avoid frustrations while traveling on trains. Delays can be frustrating, but you need to learn some tips to survive train transport. 

Refunds that Amtrak gives for Delayed Trains

Amtrak will refund the unused portion of the ticket when traveling with trains and you experience delays that Amtrak initiates due to unavoidable circumstances such as:

  • Government requirements or regulations.
  • Safety measures to harsh weather conditions or disturbances
  • Labor problems such as Strikes or go-slows
  • Shortage of facilities

If the delay results in you missing a connecting train, they provide alternative means of transport or overnight hotel accommodation at a hotel of their choice. In such cases, you receive no refund. Primarily Amtrak offers travel E-vouchers rather than refunding cash. An E-voucher is an electronic ticket stored on Amtrak’s reservation and ticketing system. It reserves your money for future trips. Amtrak will not refund you automatically for experiencing delays, but you will have to initiate it by contacting them to file a complaint. It is not clear how Amtrak calculates the value of the voucher, but mainly it caters to the rail fare charges. However, some passengers complain of receiving a lower voucher than they paid despite partially using their vouchers, while others say the coupon paid the rail fare in full. Apart from delays, there are other times that you will receive E-vouchers as refunds. They include:

  • Change from a higher class to a lower class
  • The client failed to show up on the travel day and did not cancel their reservation. The E-voucher does not include the accommodation charges paid while booking the ticket.
  • Changes clients make to paid reservations before departure.

E-vouchers are refundable, non-refundable, or a combination. A refundable one can be credited back to your credit card, while a non-refundable voucher can only pay for your tickets in the future. A combined voucher has a refundable and a non-refundable portion.

Ways to get refunds from Amtrak for delays

Ways to get refunds from Amtrak

Contacting Amtrak while you are stuck will not assist you much. Contact them once you finish your trip and within 28 days of experiencing the delay. There are three ways you can

relay your complaints and request a refund:

  1. Contacting the customer Relations Department (1-800-872-7245)
  2. Visiting the ticket offices at Amtrak stations to file a complaint.
  3. Request for a refund through the mail via

Amtrak Refunds

Box 70

William H Gray 30th St. station

2955 Market street

Philadelphia, P.A,


  1. Do not pay

If you would prefer somebody else request a refund rather than engaging in lengthy negotiations with Amtrak, use Do not pay. It is an online robot lawyer that:

  • Fights corporations
  • Sues those who wrong others
  • Cancels your free trials automatically
  • Locates hidden money and fights Bureaucracy

They will also assist you in getting your travel compensation. To request the service:

  • Sign in to their website and request for protection under the chargeback feature   
  • Outline your details and those of your bank. You will also have to give reasons for the refund request.   
  • Finally, put your signature to confirm your request. The Robot lawyer will follow up with your bank to dispute the amount paid.

Whichever method you will use to request a refund, you will need proof of the original ticket.

How to receive your Travel Voucher Print

Travel Voucher Print

Once you initiate a refund successfully, you can receive your voucher in two ways:

  • If you visit the ticket offices physically, you will receive an e-voucher receipt and an email notification.
  • You can receive them electronically. Therefore, you will use them online.

If you lose your E-voucher receipt or the previous download, you can always recover it from your email address since they always send notifications. If you deleted the confirmation email, go to the Amtrak website, and under My Account page, you can find all your vouchers and re-download. If you don’t have an account, you can create one. Remember to use the email address you have been using to buy E-vouchers and all your orders will appear on the page. If you still experience problems when trying to locate the voucher, you can call customer service agents who can assist you with recovering the voucher. They will ask for some details that will help to prove that you are the rightful owner of the voucher.

Travel Voucher Redemption Policy

The travel vouchers customers receive due to delays can only use them to travel in the future. The vouchers are non-transferable. When redeeming, ensure that the names appearing on the voucher match the ones you use for ticket reservations. You will not be able to use the voucher if the names mismatch the names on the ticket. When you redeem your voucher, you are required to accept the terms and conditions and act under them.

The terms prohibit you from transferring the voucher to a third party, and an attempt will attract penalties, and they will ban you from traveling on that particular trip. You should also use the voucher within one year after issuance. The remaining balances reflect on the original e-voucher, and the owners can use them within one year of receiving the original e-voucher.

How to view your e-voucher

Once you receive an email notification that you have received an e-voucher, it reflects on To view your voucher, log in to the account check on My Account page to see the vouchers allocated to your email address. You will see the active, expired, and redeemed coupons.

Redeeming Transport e-vouchers

There are various ways you can redeem your e-voucher:

  • You can visit Amtrak ticket offices. Carry your voucher receipt for proper identification while redeeming. Identification is a measure against fraudulence.
  • Phone call at 1-800-USA-Rail.
  • You can also redeem at or Amtrak app. You will have to enter the e-voucher number and other necessary details for proper identification.

Tips when booking Amtrak trains

  • Get acquainted with Amtrak passenger rights in case of delays, diversions, or postponing a trip before booking a ticket.
  • Give yourself extra time while booking to avoid missing connecting trains due to uncertainties.

Amtrak services are not guaranteed, and you buy them based on the condition they exist. Amtrak does not accept liability due to delays or hitches passengers experience during trips unless they miss connection trains. If this happens, Amtrak will not provide a refund, but instead, they will provide alternative transport in a different carrier or Amtrak’s train.

They also offer overnight hotel accommodation in hotels of their choice. However, if delays result in partial or incomplete use, they give e-vouchers. Amtrak does not provide delayed refunds in cash. Instead, they offer e-vouchers.

Applying a few tips while booking trains is also crucial to avoid missing connection trains due to inconveniences. The tips include:

  • Know your passenger rights before booking a ticket
  • Consider having extra time to avoid rushing even when uncertainties happen.

If you still feel that Amtrak did not treat you well, or the company violated your passenger rights, you can take action against them. Amtrak refunds are not automatic. You will have to file a complaint with the Customer Relations Department to initiate the process.

It is your right to claim compensation due to delays or cancellations. It is crucial to note that the delays are due to unavoidable circumstances. Making a claim successful requires that you provide evidence proofing that:

  • You applied reasonable solutions to reduce losses.
  • The losses incurred were reasonable
  • The costs incurred were modest, and you didn’t go for the most expensive options.
  • Delays were as a result of the train company actions.

Lastly, if you feel that your claim is complicated, you can always seek legal advice.